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WebTV for Dreamcast known as Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit is a Japanese-only disc that allowed users of Microsoft's WebTV service to access the Internet from their Sega Dreamcast. The service, which debuted in Spring 1999, used the Windows CE capabilities of the Dreamcast to run a version of Internet Explorer 2.0. At the time of its release, the WebTV browser was an improvement over Sega's bundled Dream Passport software. By the release of Dream Passport 3, however, the Sega browser became more capable than WebTV. A later version of the WebTV disc included 128-bit SSL capabilities which were not present on the launch disc.

As the software requires a Japanese WebTV account, which are no longer available, the service can no longer be used on a Dreamcast. Or can it? In 2019 steps were taken to bring the service back to life in a limited fasion. As of this writing there is a public and private server available for connection. The public method is a simple WebTV emulator but it works well enough and can also be added upon by anyone willing. As for the private server, it's a full working server and at this time is closed to the public.

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WebTV on You Smart Phone. Conecting with modded Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit rom.
You can download the rom from ~ Here~ Grab the Flycast emulator from ~ Here ~

Just messing around with the stock DreamCast image before modding it.
Jamming out to classic WebTV music lol

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