WebTV Dreamcast Roms

Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit or simply WebTV for Dreamcast, is a Japanese-only disc that allowed users of Microsoft's WebTV service to access the Internet from their Sega Dreamcast. The disc used the Windows CE capabilities of the Dreamcast to run a port of the WebTV client technology. Below you will find two modified versions of this ( CDI and GDI - mostly converted to english) that will allow you to connect to the HackTV Server witch emulates what it was like to use the actual WebTV service back in the day. Also below are two unmodified versions, these will not connect to anything in their current form.

Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit__HEAVILY-MODIFIED-7-29-2023--ENG-CDI-HTV-Server.7z

Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit__HEAVILY-MODIFIED-7-29-2023--ENG-GDI-HTV-Server.7z

Microsoft WebTV Setsuzoku Kit v1.004 (1999)(WebTV Networks)(JP)[ Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit-GDI ]Orig.7z

Microsoft WebTV Setsuzoku Kit v1.011 128bit SSL (1999)(WebTV Networks)(JP)[ Microsoft WebTV Connection Kit-GDI ]Orig.7z