Welcome to the Red news group! I didn't put this up because it has any real info value but it is pretty funny. You'll notice this thread starts off with how proud some members of the Red group are that there group hasn't ended up on my site LOL! Anyway this thread quickly turns into a flame war. And these are the people testing are new upgrades? LMAO!!

MESSAGE: This page was posted in one of the larger email lists I belong to. It is exactly why we have to be very careful with info derieved from this group we are in, otherwise net pages like this one get out with info as recent as a few days ago.

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MESSAGE: Very interesting. The one group I noticed isn't on that site was the red group. Let's all keep it that way.

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MESSAGE: Hello to Bobbie and Scott..and. umm all others (whose names slip my mind at the moment!) that i have failed to welcome or speak to yet! I also agree...it is so great to see that red is not on that page! I think i said a long time ago...we prided ourselves on that here in the red group..and Jarrod had noted that was true..we've always kept a tight lip about our work here. It is so nice to see you newer ones hoping to keep it that way too!!! Welcome to all...
I have been here quite a while and enjoy it immensely even thru the lull times...
i am proud to be a previewer ..it's an honor to me and i am thrilled to see such great new folks aboard.. hello and welcome to all...

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MESSAGE: I'm proud and honored to be a part of the tight-lipped Red group. Go Reds!!!

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MESSAGE: Why should the "red" group be on there? I believe the Blue and Yellow group's are doing the same thing we were.

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MESSAGE: >and Jarrod had noted that was true..we've >always kept a tight lip about our work here. It is >so nice to see you newer ones hoping to keep it >that way too!!! Welcome to all...
From what I understand you guys neve really tested anything, so there really isn't anything to keep a lid on.
>I have been here quite a while and enjoy it >immensely even thru the lull times...
Judi you seem too joyfull it's demented I say!
>i am proud to be a previewer ..it's an honor to >me and i am thrilled to see such great new folks >aboard..
I find no pride in dealing with harsh client builds for weeks until you squash all the bugs. But in a sense it's for the better.
>hello and welcome to all...

SUBJECT: ----- MESSAGE: totally amazing. This is not typical of our friendly red group to the new ones! Welcome to the new folks.

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MESSAGE: Except, Sometimes they let an idiot in our group who never has anything good to say and thinks that he knows everything but knows absolutely NOTHING.

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MESSAGE: Bryan, I've already pointed out that you're a hypocrit.
With the exception of Bryan, we're all getting hyped for our next testing adventure. I for one, am a little bit curious to see if this new larger group will be able to squash bugs faster compared to the smaller group we once were. This is a pretty big group now. I remember when the group was widdled down from 50, to 25. The other 25 were sent to various other groups to test, while the rest of us stayed here. I wonder what the total number is going to be, 100? More? The bigger the foot, the more bugs we'lll squash all at once!! Like somebody else said, there's some serious competition with AOL right now, so we'll probably be pretty busy within the next few months. Having such a large group is going to make things much easier. Not only will we work faster as a big group, but it'll be a more detailed search for these bugs. I can't wait!!

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MESSAGE: Still trying to get caught up here. How long has the RED group been around. One more question, can I come here using another of my addys or just my main one. thanks

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MESSAGE: Boy Bryan(wofl of an asshole)...You must be like a redneck or something You wrote and i do quote " i will not be involved in flaming my point is too test" Lets see you flamed me and others including Judi who is one of the sweetest out there!!!!!For one I with others (over 20) have petitioned your removal from this group .....Good luck buddy your a know it all (not) and try to run this group llke all the other news groups you have been in and ppl get tired of it ....(My quote of the day buddy ) Lets get rid of Bryan...................Sorry to all the newbies and Judi ... but IMO this stuff has too stop .....Theres always one in a crowd :) Sigh .....(kevin keller int sony 200 south florid)

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