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 Entering WebTV Links
 POP3 Mail Ability For WebTV!
 Entering Links "Beyond" Client:relogin
 Getting into the Main User Without Password
 Getting into Secondary Users Without Password (Method no longer works)
 Getting User-Ids & Extra Users
 How to Get Past the 15 Charicture Limit Nicknames
 Text Files
 Shout Outs & Fuck Offs


By reading and/or performing any of the items discussed in this document, you hereby hold me, EekThaKat harmless of any consequesces you incur. IF YOU REPRESENT WEBTV IN ANY WAY AND DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO ENTER THIS SITE, YOU MUST LEAVE THIS SITE IMMEDIATLY!

Entering WebTV Links

Using a WebTV link you can either type it in with a javascript string like so:'url')

Or you can link to it in you're e-mail signature like this:

<a: href="link">Link discription</a>

To enter urls beyond the client:relogin, use this html:

<display: credits="link">

In your signature. To use it, you must have a link to client:relogin also. Then, you highlight the link, hold down the info button, and when the Info panel starts to go down, hit return, and the panel should come back up it the timeing is right. Then, when the Choose your name screen starts to load, click on the credits button.

POP3 Mail: How To Get It

To do get this feature, and to modify it, you must have this link in your signature, and you can aloso save this page in your favorites (the POP3 Page I mean!). Make a link (this can must be clicked on without going outside of your account, so just click it as a regular link!:

<a: href="wtv-setup:/mail-pop3-client">POP3</a>

Finally! We got something NEW! Thanks to Sir-Tricks-Alot (KROQ) for this trick!!

Entering Links "Beyond Client:relogin

This (To clearify what I've said) is how you must enter the links.

Set up your signature like this:

<display: credits="link you wanna go to">
<a: href="client:relogin">Relogin</a>

Now, to get to it, you must higlight the Relogin link, and hold down the Ifno button on your keyboard. Now once the info panel starts to go back down, hit return, then quickly highlight the credits button, and press return when the "Choose Your Name" page starts to load. Timing is important!

How to Bypass Main User Password

Simply use this url entered beyond client:relogin


How to Bypass Secondary Users Passwords

This method doesn not work anymore, or at least I ahaven't gotten it to work today. I'm leaving it up so you can try it, if you get it work EMAIL ME!

Again, use this url in the credits button: wtv-head-waiter:/check-tellyscript?next-url=wtv-head-waiter:/ValidateLoginName%3Fuser-id=[users id]%26target-url=&dummy=

Getting User Ids & Extra Users

Simply enter this javascript url into the goto panel while on any page on the WebTV Network:'wtv-setup:/accounts')

And to extract the user-ids, type these URLs in:

all the way till the number of users you have minus one.

Now to get to those extra users, use my "Credits button URL" trick to enter this url while you go to client:relogin

wtv-head-waiter:/ValidateLoginName?user-id=[id here]

Getting Past The 15 Charicture Limit Nicknames

Put this link in your signature, with all [blanks]s filled out.I will add the form html later if it is requested.

<a: href="wtv-setup:/validate-add-user-communication-access?user-human-name=[first]&user-human-name-last=[last]&user-name=[name]&user-password=[passwerd]&user-password2[passwerd]&restricted-web-access=unrestricted-access&restricted-chat-access=unrestricted-access&email-access-demied=&Continue=Continue">Add User</a>

It's as simple as that!


a.d.WebTV.hacking - I somewhat regular this group; it sometimes contains information

a.d.webtv.tricks Pretty much a void of useless posts.

a.d.webtv.secrets Again a void.

a.d.webtvsecrets This was the original secrets group.


No hacking info yet: I don't knoe enough to share


I wrote every one of these script text files, so just leave in the /* script written by EekThaKat */ k¿ You don't have to leave in the short directions I put in, just that line. More scripts as they are written, and these scripts will be added to my DedTV mIRC once I update it with WaRmOdE for a friend. I have also add some other texts, such as a social engineering text, and a phf text, and some phreaking texts are soon to come. 11 MBs is great, even though Tripod sucks..
Hidden options script for IRC
A very simple bombing script, minus the bomb.
A Bombing script I wrote, minus the bomb
An Autobombing script I wrote, again minus the bomb
A Flooding Script I wrote for a friend. Floods 30 times and then stops.
A better flooding script. Lets you personalize the flood and how many seconds apart to flood.

A note for these scripts: Some if not most of these scripts have not been tested, and are not garunteed to work. If they any do not, please mail me about it. Remember to included the name or the file name of the problem script. Also, a note toward debugging altered scripts: I cannot debug a script without it's URL!


Other texts (not written by me):

The Social Engineering FAQ A must Read for all.
WebTV Tricks Printout Handbook Written by KROQ. Nuff said.

A good source for texts: The United Council's Hacking Text Library. Go there, be amazed.


Here are the images that are (or were) offered at The Blue Mole's site. I have not recieved permission to use these, but if by request will be taken down.

[No descriptions yet]

Here are the Previewers sites: [all have roots]

white No white group has been formed, it is not currently password protected and contains no info.

NEED INFO!: Since I have not been able to enter the previewers area, I need any and all pertaining information about these groups! Discriptions of the groups by color; passwords; screen shots; ECT ECT!!

I also believe this may be of interest: news:webtv.users.previews & news:webtv.users.preview is the REAL directory as far as I know, since this is the root of a group that I have PROOF that it exsists. (Proof has been posted.) The group is the group that I have proof of. I cannot and will not reveal my source! I will only refur to him/her as "Santa Claus" and I cannot reveal ANY information about our information Santa, so don't ask!

Here is the PROOF! Straight from Santa's Bag

These are text files of posts from They have been edited to ensure the safety of Santa. No descriptions: they shouldn't take too long to download and see for yourself!


More as they come through! Thanks to Santa!!


Here's my list of shouts that I wanna give. These are them people that have helped my on my quest for a better brain.
WebTV (Thanks but no thanks)
Pennywise the clown (BEEP BEEP RICHIE!)
Shaft on vynil
Lt_Fuzz (In her retro stlye)
The Anarchists Cookbook (of which I wasted over 100 sheets of paper trying to print it out)
S3kur1ty 3xp3rt
DedTV & Dem0 Networks (Of whom have raked in my two biggest hit counts ever: 700+ & 500+)
Shasta Cola™
Sneakers (the movie)
Mr Bungle
The BlankHawk Crew
All my KrHaCkEeZ
Silicon Toad
Stupid conable people
Ect, ect, ect… The list goes on and on…

Fuck Offs

Fuck you & your mom goes to:

The Drug Store @ the mall: They don't have drugs, and they catch me shoplifting. FUCK OFF!
Bloomington Police & Apple Valley Police & Eagan Police fer being asshole, pms stricken bitches that we all knoe they are MAJOR powder heads cuz of the powertrip the try to put on (and make an ass of themselves anyway)
Fuck Off to the minor consumption they gave me, but coolio fer ignoreing the other things they could'a tagged onto it (curfew & tabbacco)
Fuck off to the Fun Shop @ the mall of america, fer cathing me shoplifting the summer before 8th grade (yeah you did *alot* towards getting me to stop stealing by treating me like a criminal. *L*)
Fuck off to Record Town & to that bitch who said I should be in a public caining fer getting caught, but thanks to the nice one who didn't wanna go to court about it. Fuck off to the police again fer 'checking up' on those cds in my pocket.

A Few Links

DedTV - Free JavaScripts!
Dem0 Networks - Somewhat finished
The WebTV mIRC - My best chat so far (to be upgraded soon)

since June 12th, 1998, and it's only

I have actually gotten a visitor from Autralia! I am happy to report that the two visits to this site have not been from the domain,, but have been from .com and .au! So far this site is relitively safe from WebTV Netowrks!

For support, email Form to be online soon.

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