Games are no longer a secret, but these pics where taken back in Augest of 98 when they were. And the game was downloaded and played on a WebTV Plus unit. The trick to get games on a WebTV Plus no longer works. Games were only available for the WebTV Echostar Dishplayer receiver legitimately see pics here.

WebTV Networks / Microsoft MsnTV Doom Info History:

Doom for WebTV was a commercial source port of the original Doom to the WebTV set-top box platform.

The game, (along with a few others) was only available publicly on WebTv/EchoStar Dishplayer 500, 7100, and 7200 models, and consisted of the shareware version of the game as a demonstration of the unit's technological capabilities. Users would access the games form the TV Home page on their units see pics here..

Not many people know but Doom was also available on the WebTV Plus unit, but not in a legitimate manner. Hackers discovered the game on a secret WebTV server known as TestDrive in late 1998. They were able to download the game from a WebTV internal page and also extract the download and startup commands witch were then released to the public on Sun, Mar 28, 1999 by user MattMan69. Users would then have to initially download the game to the unit by accessing the WebTV-specific URI "wtv-disk:/content/DownloadScreen.tmpl?diskmap=Doom". After that, it could be launched any number of times using the URI "Client:boota?partition=DoomROM&size=5242880&source=file://disk/Doom/approm.o"

WebTV Plus Game choices

WebTV Plus Downloading Doom

WebTV Plus Playing Doom

WebTV Plus Game Settings

WebTV Plus About to plat Doom

WebTV Plus Playing Doom

Update! 2021

Finally after 20+ years Doom is running on the WebTV plus again! This hasn't happened since 1998. You can read more about that from the games archive link below. The original Doom files were lost, or so we thought. Randomly found on a old cd-r backup i had. The raw code was saved in .txt files witch made things difficult but thanks to eMac for getting the code sorted!

Jam out to some Doom music from a WebTV Plus!
Actual game footage from a WebTV Plus!

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