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BLAH! BLAH! :turd:
kk having trouble installing a cios any help???
mjc wii 4.2E install
WAPPA thx for all this stuff mate. I hope someday i can do something back for you
messi Could you help? I use WiiFlow and copied original and backup games to my USB drive. However, none of them has cover. I tried tthe cover download for all. It goes thru but then no file is downloaded at the end of the process. Not sure what I did wrong. Do
Jazone Waz up
Dazzapro Western Digital My Passport Essential New white 320GB, USB 2.0 (WDBAAA3200AWT-EESN)
Dazzapro I want to buy this drive it looks like the one on this website does anyone know if this model of western digital will work
Dazzapro good video on youtube your son cracks me me up he sounds like great fun to be around
Connor where do you get your isos from?
DangerousToy anything out there for a LU65 @ 4.2U?
alexpen feel free to email me alexpennos@hotmail.c om
alexpen feel free to email http://me:alexpennos
alexpen Hello there...please help me cause i am desperate...i did everything as described in order to install the usb loader...during the .wad installer i get the "Installnig ticket... 2011" error. I've a lot of searching through the web but nothing happened.
dizzy dizzy122008@hotmail. com
DangerousToy any idea why MadDog Mcree Gunslinger pack freezes up on usb loader? Am I missing an ios?
DangerousToy yeah I basically bricked it....I uhhh...who knows LOL but I had someone of more knowledge fix it for me.
MattMan system files are corrupt sounds like you have a Bricked Wii, Now we just need to know the last thing you did before you started getting that message then we can figure out what kind of brick you have.
DangerousToy and when trying to goto the wii system menu get an error msg stating the system files are corrupt please consult the operators manual.
DangerousToy That issue is my BIGGER issue Modding an LU64 3.4u firmware. I did the NAND backup but something didnt go right. Only boots to preloader screen