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{dFb} vs [OMA] (Rematch)
November 12, 2006
Map Winner: [OMA] (Rematch)
Map Scores
{dFb}: 57
[OMA] (Rematch): 75
Match Details
Date: November 26, 2010
Match Time: 13:30 (CET)
13:30 (GMT)
13:30 (EST)
13:30 (CST)
13:30 (MST)
13:30 (PST)
Opponent Name: OMA DOU FEAR
Opponent Tag: OMA DOU FEAR
Server Name: OMA Sniper Server
Server IP:
Team Size: 5 vs 5
Skin: Default
Skin Color: Red
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Frag Limit: 75
Note: A 4 Way Match For fun only {dFb} took second place out of the 4 teams. This match display app only supports 2 teams so we can only display 1st and 2nd place scores for each match. View the screens for complete scores.
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Map: 1 DM-[BBST]-Flat_Reverse
Map: 2 (ASC) 3ommiesresortFN2
Map: 3 DM-(SUF) Shrapnel
Map: 4 Little Soldiers
Match Results
Total: 50  
Wins: 32 64.00%
Losses: 18 36.00%

Map Results
Total: 189  
Wins: 123 65.08%
Losses: 66 34.92%

Total Frags: 10541
Total Deaths: 7651
Difference: 2890

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