WebTV Viewer Auto Generator v0.9.38.69

Viewer Ver.

Warning: If you already have Viewer 2.5 you may proceed, otherwise please download Viewer 2.5 first as it contains all the necessary files to run 1.0. You are downloading the EXE only with modified SSID and Build.

Viewer clients should use SSIDs starting with 91, unless you are intentionally trying to spoof a box.

Let the server choose the SSID (Ignores SSID above)

Startup Logo
Setup Logo

Changes the startup logo that pops up when you launch the viewer.

Disk Set
Build Spoof

This legacy option has little impact on minisrv servers, although certain advanced server operators may use these flags to determine what your "box" can do, and as such, may offer features that do not work in the Viewer, especially older ones.

Feature Bits
None available
Other Flags
None available

Hackers Edition: Last updated 3/30/2024