Welcome to the Aqua group this is a mix of the homepage and newsgroup. With a little help i've been able to get pics of the new server side upgrade that is in testing. Some of the previewers don't seem to like the new look were getting, LOL. Check it out for your self. Is the new look good or bad?

Still haven't been able to find out any more info on the NEW Mecury box there using in this group. But word has it that it uses windows CE.

Even gave TRICKS a new look


Hi the following will be posted to your Home page, but until then, here are the known issues for the latest service release:

Color Change - Complaints received on colors on Email, Newsgroup, Chat and Spell check page. - Only page met with some approval is Sent page in storage.

Auto - Slow to access Auto - Went to Auto from home page and it took 1 min 20 seconds. - Then another 10 seconds to load the page. - Tried this twice and reproduced this twice.

Chat - Chat feature disabled from primary account, but users can still get into Talk City and chat because it is saved as a favorites. - No Talk City logo on 1st Chat page

Games - Went to Games from home page and took 1 min 10 seconds to get to page. Then took 20 seconds to finish loading page. - Tried this twice and reproduced this twice. - Here's a twist. I tried going to Games on LC2 again, to see if second attempt is faster due to cache and focus never turned green, but yellow light is flashing like it is contacting site. Never saw spinning globe. Got to page faster since page is already cached. - Does not recognize your zip code.

Instant Messenger (IM) - IM icon disappears when IM is off ISP: Users who currently have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) account should not have this problem. Only those had to re-enter their ISP information, or who want to sign up after 7/7/00. - Update: This will be resolved soon. The workaround is after you sign up for your ISP. Thus, they go to... - Home - Account - Use an ISP - Signing Up to Use an ISP - Sign Up Now - Go through the sign up screens- - ISP Provider Name - ISP Number - ISP Backup Number - User Name - Password - Confirmation screen - Reconnect - The box tries to connect. Eventually, the user gets an error message. Choose Options. - The user is presented with a screen listing all the required information for the ISP (items in blue above), but they have extra characters in them. The user needs to go into each field and retype the information. Then connect. And, everyone is happy.

Newsgroup - Can not differentiate between read and unread posts.

Mail - Sent folder displays "From" instead of "To".It should show "To" since you know who it is from. - Mail messages do not change colors to identify read from unread messages. Mail headings are bold when unread and change to regular text when read. It is not as easy to discern read from unread as before when the color would change. - Ad banner on Mail page is squished - Content missing from Mail Services page - Mail background and text color change in sig. no longer works entire Sigs. designed to change the background color and text color only do so for the signature panel. This used to change the entire message. - Address Book: Occasionally when writing an email, selecting "To" in your address book gives you message Address Book Empty" when you actually have addresses in your Address Book.

Page Builder - Crash in pagebuilder - Several Previewers reported that they went to "Choose Name" screen as if they were just logging on. - I was taken to splash screen than to the home page.

Text - Check out your text size(small,medium,large). Its seems to alter text size on your e-mail write and post screen BUT on viewed postings in the Newgroup it is NOT altered.

Travel - Chat and Discuss groups not available via Travel page - Recent button: Thumbnails disappearing SurfWatch/Settings: WebTV logo is missing What's on TV: Link on the Home page is broken

Thanks for all the hard work! Keep filing those bugs! Andrea

NEWSGROUP POSTINGS -- previewers discuss the new look

I'm sorry but I have to rate the new colors a BIG "1". They remind me of the Pastel colors they painted cars many years ago and they didn't stay around long. If you want to see how it should be, take a look at the Amazon advertisement on the home page. I jumps out at you with bright vibrant colors. The old old way WebTv had their Home Page is an other good example. The colors were great. This is a washed out looking thing like someone didn't know what they were doing with colors. This white on lavender or what ever it is, is to hard for me to read. Try a experiment. Make the colors bright and then take this survey again. Looks (sorry) sickly.

I rate them a negative 10, they are sickening, who ever came up with this idea should be fired, if you take them down today I will forgive who ever is responsible. You can't possibly expect us to be sick every time we turn on our WebTV's or is that what you are hoping for, if everyone gets sick they will spend less time on line. The colors should be more vibrant & more full of color. Please, please, please drop this stupid idea, NOW. Sorry for the ranting, rant mode is now off.

Here are my comments on colors and other items: I have no problem with the new format. For the most part, I think it is an improvement. With respect to the colors, there is insufficient contrast especially in the NG's and Mail.
I especially do not like white used as either a bg or text color. On a large picture TV it is especially glary and tires the eyes. Not being able to tell which items have been read is a step backward. I noticed when I printed an ng item and an e-mail item from my Sprout, that "mail" and "discuss" print at the top of the page in large letters. This is far better than ads, but may be considered a waste of ink. This update has certainly fouled up sigs.

Due to all your fabulous posts- specifying what you did not like, why and what changes we could make...we have increased the contrast of our new colors. These changes will be visible to you tomorrow. I will send you a survey later today. Please respond to this survey and let us know if you like the change.
Thanks! Andrea

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