/* The styles in Settings.css are used as a base. Settings.css in turn uses the styles in Base.css as a base. In this file, override the ones that need to be different */ @import url(msntv:/Shared/CSS/Settings.css); /* Override styles in Settings.css The following styles override the ones in Settings.css partially or fully */ .topic { font: bold 20px; } #scrollArea { /* Only override behavior because HTC files cannot be included directly from the Anduril box */ behavior: url(ScrollingDIV.htc); } /* Custom styles The following styles are custom for MSN TV help */ a.topicLink:link, a.topicLink.hover, a.topicLink:visited { color:#07214D; text-decoration: none; font-size: 18px; margin-top: 6px; display: inline-block; } div.moreTopicsLink { width: 100%; text-align: right; color:#07214D; text-decoration: none; font-size: 18px; } li { margin-top:10px; } .PNGImage { behavior: url(#default#alphaImageLoader); } .linkArrow { width: 10px; height: 10px; border: 0px; }