VoxComm: The Mattman69 Controversy

By Net4TV Voice
(April 25, 1999)

Many, many readers commented about Mattman. Most of them supported his position, but a few did not. For more discussions and points of view on this issue, Let's Talk About It in the Net4TV Forums.

wrong. Matt should have been notified, or warned by e-mail what was going on. It is not for me to say if he was right or wrong, but he should have been notified.

They were wrong for rewarding him then pulling the plug on him
Charles Anderson

Get a clue, give him his web back. You are in this for a profit? Not good business sense. I could be an X webtv user.

MattMan69 was not telling the whole story, and I'm sure he knew it. No, I am not trying to show off anything, but I would like to get the story straight.

Matt said that the last break-in to Weekly and TestDrive was in November of 1998, but in reality it was in January the 7th of 1999. Who got into it? Real-Act who *was* on the WebTV Classic. WebTV hasn't be very fair. Frankly I'm thinking they're just trying to get rid of all the good explorers on the WebTV Unit. What's wrong with exploring? Some people may have other opinions, but I feel exploring the WebTV Network was perfectly fine, as long as you knew what you were doing.

But Matt *was* right when he said that there were *no* warnings whatsoever when upgrading to Weekly or TestDrive on the Plus or Classic unit.

Sorry if this was a waste of time, but I thought I'd fill you in on a little missed information. Thank you for your guys' time.
Daniel Ruth aka RealAct

I have been a regular in the news:alt.discuss.webtv.hacking Newsgroup. Mattman69 did nothing but help the new guys in the group. For the first couple of months that I had my Classic, he helped me and many other people to get started and taught us how to do the basic stuff. Then I got my Plus last month, and he taught me how to do some more of the advanced things.

Now, WebTV Networks is doing him wrong. Just because he knows more stuff than they do they get mad at him. He accesses games located in the boxes, WHICH AREN'T PASSWORD PROTECTED!! I mean, if he was getting into Tricks lately I can see, but that hasn't been accessed in like 4 or 5 months. And he's the one who made sure no one could access it. He's done nothing but help WebTV Networks out, EVEN THE CORPS ASK HIM FOR HELP!!

So I just think that WebTV is getting rid of him because they don't want to be shown up!! So I say, BRING BACK MATTMAN!!!!!!
-Ryan Lindsey