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Last Updated Fri 3/9/2001, 7:30 PM (PST)

New Build 10219
Service Jazz

Hi there,

The latest build 10219 is out. This is the build that removes printing. The feature is not gone for good. Testing continues and we hope to have more robust software and be able to support more printers when we ship the feature, probably for the summer release.



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New Features Area

Keep Until: This feature is found in My Shows. You can access it when you select a recorded program. It gives you the options to remove shows as needed to record other shows, keep the recording until a specific date or keep until you erase it.

Erase Confirmation: Another feature in My Shows. This simply adds a second screen to make sure you really want to erase last weeks episode of Survivor. When you select erase you will get another screen asking you to confirm your decision.

Manual Timers: This is found by scrolling to the bottom of the My Shows area. You will see a link called "Schedule Recording", this is where you can manually set the box to record on a specific date and time. This feature is brand new and still a bit buggy.

Known Issues Area

Updated 2/21/01 3:20PM PDT

Printing has been removed

Keep an eye on reminders and recordings events, there have been reports that some events will re-appear after they have been erased.

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