Special thanks to the person that helped me bring you this info. Unfortunately his true identity can not be known so he can continue to help in the never ending battle of knowing what the hell webtv is up to. We will call him the "Bule Avenger".

BLUE Home Page

For those of you who have not yet received the latest client upgrade, you will be receiving it later today. Not everybody will get this upgrade. This is the bug fix release for Derby users and is called Client 2.2.6. If your spell check is already active, you will not receive this upgrade.

I also want to thank all of you for your hard work during this crazy trial. We got some great feedback! We are short staffed and will try hard to keep up with updates to the homepage and post more often in the newsgroups. Thanks, Charlie

BLUE New Fetures

NOTE:This seems to be the same as whats going on in the yellow group also for March of 99.

Client 2.2.6 is primarily a bug fix release for Derby users. You will notice when you get the upgrade, that the Spellchecker is back! Please test away, but try to focus primarily on the bug fixes we've listed below... Bug fixes Audio email - There are several things we're testing with the audio email feature.

First, you should no longer crash when adding a recording to your email OR previewing an audio recording before sending an email. To test this try to attach an audio file to an outgoing email. Before sending the email, click on the audio link. If you crash, or anything else funky happens, please file a problem report.

Second, we are investigating the causes of the 13 second audio email bug. If you are one of those lucky few who was getting only 13 seconds of audio in an email attachment, you may find that your recording time has returned to 30 seconds. Try adding background music - particularly classical - and going to sites with a lot of graaphics. Then try to add an audio attachment to your email. If you get the magic 13 second bug, file a problem report.

Third, any other problems with audio email should be reported in full detail (especially if you are seeing anything other than a 30 second record time).

Explain error bug - Try the following: Unplug your unit from the power source. When you re-plug and power on, the screen will give you three options: Same Number, Moved, Explain. Select Explain. From the explain screen, select "Moved". The box should then dial toll free. If your box dials directly into your access number, file a problem report.

Whoomp, whoomp, whoomp bug!- This infamous bug should be fixed. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this bug, it consisted of receiving the error message, "The publisher of that page kept you waiting for more than a minute", accompanied by a lovely "whoomp, whoomp, whoomp" noise. Any instances of this bug should be reported in a file report.

Channel settings tossed when box is unplugged - Unplug your box. Plug back in and power on. Click on "Moved". Note your channel settings (and perhaps make them unique by adding or removing a few channels). Connect to the service. Switch back to TV world and click on "TV Listings" to get listings. (You will need to re-retrieve the TV listings after selecting "moved"). Channel settings should be retained. Thanks for your testing, Charlie

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