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Last Updated: 11/20/00 12:00 pm PDT

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Testing Status
:  Week 1 Testing

Congratulations!  New features are now available for testing!  The latest upgrade focuses on getting our browser up to par with the World Wide Web.

The Feature List 

  • Browser Version Upgrade - less rejections due to an older browser! 

  • New Design for Windows Media Player 

  • Improved Media Support 

  • Flash 4.0 Support 

  • Improved Web Standards Support (i.e. HTML, JavaScript, etc.) 

  • Interactive TV Enhancements 

  • MSN Messenger and Web PIP changes - now you can watch TV and Chat simultaneously! 

  • Printing Changes 

Testing Schedule 

We less than a month (that's only 3 weeks minus a holiday of beta testing) to make sure the latest upgrade is is of great quality.  There isn't much time considering the many features we have to go through.  Every week, we'll have a focus: 

Week 1: Getting to Know the New Features 

  • iAds - one and only week for testing.

  • Get to know all features - use the new features and tell us your first impressions 

  • Browser Version Upgrade.  Does it really work?  You tell us.  

  • MSN Messenger and Web PIP Changes.  Try it out, what do you think? 

  • Printing Changes.  Do the changes work for you?  We would like to know! 

  • Thanks Giving!

Week 2: Surfing the Net 

  • Flash 4.0 Support.  

  • Improved Web Standard Support.

  • Windows Media Player Re-design. 

  • Improved Media Support. 

Week 3: ITV and Bug Fest  

  • New ITV, Wallet, and Nightly Download 

  • Bug Fest - your last chance to file bugs before we move on to Beta!  Be the one to postpone Beta! 

Each week, a testing guide will be released to help streamline our testing efforts.  Near the end of the week, a survey that directly corresponds with that week's testing focus will also be release.  All testers need to fill out each and every survey.  

Once again, congratulations and have fun!  


WebTV Previews
Blue Client Tests

Test Guide: iAds Testing

Last Updated: 11/27/00 12:00 pm PDT

Test Guide Surveys Known Issues

Week 2: Surfing the Net

  • Flash 4.0 Support
  • Improved Web Standard Support
  • WMP UI Redesign
  • Streaming Media

Flash 4.0

WebTV now support Flashs 4.0 - Macromedia's animation for the web. Macromedia Flash provides media for the web (sound and animation) that users can interact with. Before the upgrade, WebTV only supported Flash 3.

Search for site that use Flash 4.0 or lower (we need to make sure that all versions of Flash works). Here are some examples:

Web Standard Enhancements

WebTV is enhancing our support for web standards, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS and XML. Previews can test it by surfing the web. Try visiting all your favorites site to make sure they work. Also, look for sites that try to do something fancy - usually those are the places we'll find problems.

Please report all bugs through the Problem Report form and don't hesitate to ask questions or make comments in the newsgroup.

Windows Media Player UI

Windows Media Player has a new look and feel! It's been re-designed to be more helpful and intuitive. How does it work for you? Take a look at the various changes. Try out all the functions and features. Is any of it confusing? Does it do what you think it should?

A survey regarding the new design will be released later in the week to gather your feedback. Please submit all problem through the Problem Report form.

Streaming Media

To make your media experience more positive, many behind-the-scene change have been made to enhance media support. Let us know if you find site that doesn't work well. Also, feel free to suggest site via the newsgroup.

Test by using any site that uses media, such as Audio, Video or both (even if you have seen it before). Look for movies or animation, sound clips, radio or any other types of media.

If you need any help or have questions, please post to the newsgroup or contact me at 

That's All Folks! (for this week)

Happy Testing!

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