Demo and Flash are hardly a secret anymore. But for those that don't know what these are, Demo and Flash are hidden accounts that are on each and everyones unit. At one time these accounts were not Kiddie accounts they were full working accounts. Webtv most likely thought no one would ever find these accounts. I guess webtv decided to go with the kiddie version to reduce the abuse. Often people would mail from these accounts so they would be anonymous i'm sure you can imagine the kind of e-mails they sent. To access Demo I used wtv-head-waiter:/login and Flash I used wtv-head-waiter:/login?lc2flash=true

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Secret Flash Pics.

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This is the result of a bad wtv-initial-key:, Took this pic while in flash

Secret demo pics. After 2.2 upgrade. This was a method used from the demo account to grab href links on the choose your name screen and password screen using the JS code Reader. At the time this was the only way this could be achived.

Couldn't add stocks for demo

F_cked up Pop up in demo

Embeded Choose your name screen in demo

Embeded Password page in demo

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