Sometimes it's fun to go back and look at what things used to be. I set up this page so you can get an idea how webtv/msntv has evolved over the years, if you can call it that. Some, infact many will argue that webtv/msntv has evolved at all. Anyway if you haven't been on webtv/msntv very long you might find this page interesting. What you'll be seeing here is the webtv/msntv home page design form 1996 - 2001 there are a few more slightly different variations of the home pages than what i have displayed here.

Webtv 1996 - First Home Page Design - Prototype Page
Original fuzzy image can be seen here.

Webtv 1996 - First Home Page Most People Saw.

Webtv 1997

Webtv 1998

Webtv 1999

Webtv 2000

Msntv 2001

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