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Last Updated: 6/12/03 2:29 pm PST

Hello everyone,

16262 is on its way to you today. This is part 1 of the 2.8.1 trial. You will remain on 16262 until late July, when we begin 2.8.1 part 2. Of course this could change if new crashing bugs or other major defects are discovered in 16262.

Part 1 contains the following:

  • Crashing bug fixes: Using the crashlogs that I've mentioned before, we've identified a number of top crashing bugs and fixed them.
  • Fixed memory leaks: A couple of memory leaks were identified and fixed. A memory leak will drain the limited memory that a box has until it crashes.
Part 2 contains the following:
  • Back end Messenger changes required by MSN.
Please accept the upgrade when prompted and begin work on the Standard Tests. As always, remember to connect to the service immediatley following a crash.

- Dave