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WebTV Previews LC2.5 Home Page
Last Updated 6/3/99 6:53 PM PST

Friday 6/4 will be my last day at WebTV

Hello Goldies, Tomorrow will be my last day at WebTV Networks Inc. It has been great working with all of you. Marcus will be replacing me sometime next week. I will be moving on to beenz.com. You can check them out at www.beenz.com -Ethan

Things to Test
   Email Tests
Print Screen
Print Black text
Print a saved mail
Print your reply including original message Print attachment
Print decompressed attachment
Print mail with signature and short message Print a message with a photo
Print a fetch remote mail
Print less than one page long
Print one page long mail
Print 2 and a half pages mail
Print exact 3 pages long
Print more than 7-10 pages long
Print with different text sizes

Web Side Tests
Print screen
Print in black text
Print date and Web Info
Print background images
Print Picture only
Print only Text
Print picture and text
Print text in different color
Print variety of webpages
Print pages that including a audio file
Print a webpage created by webtv box
Print less than one page long
Print 2 and a half pages
Print exact 3 pages long
Print more than 7-10 pages long with lots of graphics including graphic on the background Print main TalkCity page Print list of Chat rooms Go into a chat room then print

Error Handling Tests
Print without paper
Print door open
Print with no ink cartriges
Print without printer connecting
Print with printer not totally connected
Power off in the midle of print, then power on and try to print again Printer

Upgrade Ahead!! Hello Gold Previewers, We will be releasing a minor upgrade to you tomorrow. There won't be any bug fixes in this upgrade, but there will be support for more printers. We will be fixing the client bugs you have been reporting in a larger release down the road. Here is the list of the printers that WebTV will support with this upgrade:


DeskJet 610C/612C - future model
DeskJet 810C/812C - future model
DeskJet 830C/832C - future model
DeskJet 880C/882C
DeskJet 895C
If you have one (or more) of these printers, please print away when you get the upgrade. I will be giving you some more directed testing later. Thanks, Ethan

WebTV LC2.5 New Features

Grunge is a major overhaul of the way WebTV looks today, and there are many new features. New Features

Your Pages - This feature will allow WebTV users to build their own web pages on the WebTV network. Publishing is easy and self-explanatory, and once you get there it will be quite simple. From the Home page, select Community, and then select Your Pages.

Goodbye Explore, Hello InfoCenters! - With the tremendous success of MyWebTV, we've decided to merge MyWebTV and Explore to make a bigger and better source of information for our users. This feature will be called InfoCenters, and it will provide links to WebTV Today, News, Sports, Entertainment, Money, and Shopping. Within each of these InfoCenters you will find that you have more control over what you see.

Improved Settings and Account Information - You may notice that there is no longer a "Using WebTV" link on the Home page. Don't worry, with Grunge we've made it easier to access and change your account information and settings. The two new links- Settings and Account - will lead you to new and more informative pages. We are particularly excited about the new Billing Statement link on the Account page. This new feature will provide our paying customers with a way to access their Billing Statement on-line.

Better Help - It's now easier than ever to get help with using WebTV. The convenient Help link on the homepage provides four different sources of information: Tour, Instructions, Help Center, and Club WebTV.

Email Name - By popular demand, WebTV users can now send email and post to newsgroups from their primary user's account without having to include their real first and last names. Under Mail, select Settings, and then select Mail name.

Dynamic new ads! - With all the changes we've made with Grunge, you may also notice that there are some new advertisements on various pages. Advertisements allow us to bring new features and upgrades to our customers at a low monthly cost.
Happy testing! Ethan and Noel

New Features of the LC2.5
No hard drive
V.90 soft modem
Front RCA inputs
Multiple TV favorites

As you can see there are not many new features in this box. The real test is to see if it performs as well as the LC2. Here is a list of file types that the Plus is compatible with to refresh your memory If you are not familiar with a technology, select this link to find out more information about it: PC WEBOPAEDIA

General MIDI
MIDI Karaoke
QuickTime Audio
MOD(MOD, S3M, 669, MTM, IT, STM and XM formats)
SSL 40 bit and 128 bit Encryption
RealAudio 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
.AIFF (Mace 3:1 and Mace 6:1 compression of AIFF files unsupported)
MPEG-2 Audio, MPEG-3 Audio
MPEG movies
Shockwave Audio
Zip Decompression
HTML 1.0, 2.0, 3.2 with Frames and JavaScript Support, Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
Compatible GIF GIF89a Animation
Macromedia Flash 2.0
Full Newsgroup Reading/Posting
X Bitmap
Embedded HTML
Formatted Text
CSS (style sheets) subset
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) support

WebTV Build notes and known issues
Last Updated 4/19/99 at 4:30 P.M.
Build Notes

Build 5560
Bugs fixed in this build: Streaming audio - please play audio files (any type/format). The box should not crash, but sound may be interrupted by unpleasant resonnances (okay, loud noise). If you are not sure if the problem you are having is related to a known problem, please submit a report. Better safe than sorry.
Thanks, Noel and Ethan

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