I would like to thank those that helped in the exploration of the Green group. With out them these pics. would not be possible.

Previewers Group "Green"
Home page

IMPORTANT! If you can get your Classic2 to turn on but you cannot get a picture on your TV and you use a RFU adapter to hook your Classic2 up to your television set, please send an email to palmsprings@corp.webtv.net immediately. I need to send you a new box, and I need you to send your box back to me. Email me and I will give you a call to set up shipping. In other news. . .
I removed the build notes link from this page, and replaced it with a link called "Try This!" where you can find some tasks I need everyone in the group to perform and then submit feedback on. Everyone in Green should perform these tests.
Build notes has moved to the same page where you can find the Known Issues link. Both of these links can be found by selecting the Test Plan link on this page's sidebar.

(1) We've been wrestling with an upgrade bug for the better part of this afternoon. As of this writing my box seems to be taking the second part okay. It's on part 8 of 13 with no trouble. After this upgrade, you can 411 your box and take a look: You should have client version 5727 and Boot version 2518. For those of you who don't know how to 411 your box: Turn your box off. Point your keyboard at your box and hit the Options button 3 times. Type 411. You will see the lights on the front of your box flash. Turn your box on; you'll see a screen that says, "WebTV Technical information." You're interested in the Client version and the Boot version. These are the versions of the software we're sending your box in this most recent upgrade. If you don't have these versions please email me at the palmsprings address. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE THESE VERSION NUMBERS IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING YOUR CLASSIC. THESE NUMBERS ARE FOR SPROUT ONLY.

(2) Each upgrade from now on will be either one or two parts, but it will just shut off between parts, whereas it used to shut itself off and turn itself on again. This is by design.

(3) As for those of you who are not getting a video signal from your Classic2, it is likely that this is due to the fact that you have an RFU adapter between your Classic2 and your television set. A bug on our end is preventing your box from telling the RFU adapter to turn itself on. In short, it's going to take about two or three days to fix this. When it's fixed I will update this homepage and let you know when you can hook up your classic2. In the meantime, continue to use your Classic; just don't submit any bugs from it.

(4) Some people are saying this alters call waiting settings - check them and let me know in the NG. . . If you need me to move your account back over to your classic, please send an email to the Palmsprings address. Sorry for the convenience, everyone. Bear with me! Thanks,
Mike Welcome to the Green group!

Previewers Group "Green"
Home page

We're excited to have you aboard! By now you clearly have your Classic2 set up and are ready to go.
What are you testing? The little critter you've got hooked up here is a cross between a version of our WebTV Classic and our WebTV Plus. I describe the box in a bit more detail in the printed material I've sent along with your new unit. (See the document titled "Hello Previewers!" for more information about your box.)
The "Hello Previewers!" document also details the way I've divided up the total number of people in this first stage of our Classic2 trial. Basically, I've taken the total number of Previewers for this part of the Classic2 trial (34) and made four groups. Each group will be assigned a set number of features to test for a set amount of time. After that set amount of time is up, each group will go on to a new set of features to test. This ensures that every feature is being tested right from the start. The list of who is in each individual group can be found in the "Hello Previewers!" document. A list of what each group should test can be accessed by selecting the "Test Plan" link on the sidebar.
In addition to the set of features each group has to test, I've compiled a list of tests that everyone should perform, regardless of the group they're in. This list can be accessed by selecting the "Whole Group Tests" link on the sidebar.
Finally, some pages I'll be updating on a regular basis to make your job as Previewer easier. I'll be updating the homepage each week with a list of issues we know about. This way you'll know what you should and should not submit a Problem Report on. If we know about it, you need not submit a Problem Report. That will start this coming Monday (1/25/99). Also coming soon - I'll be regularly updating the "Build Notes" page. As we fix bugs you submit, we roll all of these fixes into something called a new build of the programs that support your Classic2. Every week we update these programs all at once during our regularly scheduled downtime. I'll post to the "Build Notes" page all differences between one week and the next; you'll know what is fixed, what's still broken, and what we're working on.
So: What should you do to kick off your testing? Introduce yourself in the Newsgroup. Be sure you've read all materials I packed in with your Classic2 box. Read the whole of the Test Plan, regardless of what group you're in. This will give you an idea where you'll be going in the coming weeks. Enjoy yourself! Hopefully, this will be fun and interesting for everyone!
Thanks! Mike The Previews Team WebTV Networks

New Fetures Area

Spell Check in Mail and Posts:
This is only available when you're writing an email or a post. You can use it at any time as you're writing.

Spell Check instructions:
When you're ready to check the spelling of the text in the body of your email, select "Spelling" from the sidebar. You'll see a pop-up letting you know that your mail is being checked. You'll then see a screen with the results of the spell check. The top box shows the word in question within the text of the message. The middle box shows the misspelled word. The final box offers some selections for you to chose from. Selecting any of the words in the final box will replace the misspelled word with that word.
You may choose "Skip Word" if you do not wish the word in question to be changed in any way. The "Previous" button allows you to see the last word you changed in any series of changes. Finally, select "Done" when you're finished checking the selection.
It is important to note that this feature will only be around for about a week, so do test it as much as you can before we turn it off in order to make some final adjustments. I'll let you know when we're going to turn spell check off (via a post in the newsgroup) so you don't have to go through the trouble of creating a problem report when you notice spell check is missing.

Thanks! Mike WebTV Previews Department

Build Notes

Okay - as promised: We've actually jumped from build 5718 up to 5727 so there have been many, many bug fixes. I'm putting a list together of bugs we squashed on this end and will post it on the homepage early next week. Hear that, Claudia? We fixed the files in BG music (Ambient-Pacifica, specifically) that were causing the box to experience extreme slowness. The slowness was causing the box to have to think so hard that it literally needed to re-draw any given page over and over to make it look like it was scrolling, hence the "waves" we were all seeing with the Pacifica file playing. This should no longer happen. Please let me know in the NG and with a PR if it does. The Classic2 used to only want to dial "fast". We've fixed it so that you can choose a "Medium" or "Slow" speed as well. Previewers with options from thier phone companies that make the phone ring differently for different people in the house have noted that certain kinds of rings (three short rings, I think it was) will not disconnect the box when call waiting is enabled. This should work, now. Be sure to check out the "Known issues" page as well as our brand new "Try this!" page. Thanks! Mike

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