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Client 2.5

HI everyone,

The IHOP trial has now ended. Thank you so much for all your hard work. With your help, we have successfully released the Remote WebTV Mail features. I have filed a few feature requests as the result of your feedback.

Feature Requests Filed:

  1. Currently, WebTV only allows you to fetch email from one account. Previewers would like to be able to fetch from several mail accounts. They would also like a drop down menu so they can choose which POP account to fetch (Outlook and Outlook Express has this functionality).
  2. Request to be able to fetch mail from mail boxes other than their Inbox i.e. Saved folder.
  3. Request to be able to use a pocket mail device to fetch email i.e. "Sharp TM20 pocketmail device."

In order to wrap up this trial, I would like you all to complete the following short survey. Some of the questions appear to be duplicates, but they pertain specifically to the mail program you are using, so those of you using more than one mail program can provide focused feedback:

IHOP Survey

Thanks! Andrea

Hellooooo IHOP will start 5/24/00

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Hello IHOPers!

If you have a computer or a second WebTV unit, this post is for you. If not, don't worry, I'll post something else for you soon! Promise!

The IHOP service trial starts (5/23/00), so here are some instructions on getting started and things I would like you to test.

This trial will be a short one, which makes it all the more important for us to complete as much testing as possible in the coming week.

Please post all questions, comments and problems to your newsgroup. If you identify a bug, please be sure to note it in your newsgroup and then file a problem report. Lastly, I will be monitoring the newsgroups, so feel free to direct questions, comments, and suggestions to me in the newsgroup.

How to set up Remote WebTV Mail in WebTV:

  1. Go to "Mail".
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Select "Remote mail".
  4. Select "Remote WebTV mail".
  5. Select "Continue".
  6. Follow the instructions listed on the screen and make sure you put a check mark in the box to "Allow remote access".
  7. Be sure to read "Important Tips for your POP 3 Password" below before creating your password.
  8. The POP server name displayed currently says, for this trial please use

Completing the set up using your PC:

The instructions for completing the setup on your PC can be found by selecting "Help" at the end of the "Remote WebTV mail" set up screen.


In Mail, go to Help>Detailed instructions> Remote mail>Remote mail Help>Detailed instructions>WebTV mail.

Completing the set up using your other WebTV unit: (Note: At this time, it is unclear if we will officially support POP3 mail from WebTV to WebTV)

  1. Go to "Mail".
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Select "Remote mail".
  4. Select "Other remote mail"
  5. Enter the user name of the account you want to retrieve mail from. (Do not include
  6. Enter the password you set up on your other WebTV unit.
  7. Enter the POP 3 server name ""
  8. Once you have completed the set up on both units, then try the test cases below.

Important Tips for your POP 3 Password:

Things I would like you to try:

Have fun everyone! I look forward to your feedback! Andrea (

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Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we are starting a new service trial. The new feature is actually a modification of an existing feature, "Remote Mail".

Currently with "Remote Mail", users can use their WebTV unit to retrieve email from other email accounts, i.e. Hotmail or MS Outlook. The new feature works in reverse, allowing users to retrieve their WebTV email from a PC or another WebTV unit. Pretty neat, huh?

Here are some scenarios on how this feature will work:

WebTV to PC

Joe has a computer at work and a WebTV unit in his living room. He has used an MSN account for several years and was thrilled to learn that he can now access his WebTV email from both Outlook Express and WebTV.

WebTV to WebTV

Bill and Eileen are retired and use their WebTV to communicate with friends and family. They travel a lot, and one thing they love about WebTV when they are not at home is e-mail. With the new "WebTV Remote Email" feature, they are able to access their WebTV e-mail from their friend's and family's computers as they visit. Therefore, they can access their WebTV mail from Hotmail, or from another WebTV box.

For this service trial, we will only be testing "Remote WebTV Mail" with:

Please complete this survey (select URL below), so we can determine who is best suited for this particular aspect of the trial.

Remote WebTV Mail Survey



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HipHop-E - Client 2.5 Is Complete!!

7181 was the final release!

Client 2.5 has started rolling to the general WebTV population last night.  The upgrade is being offered in stages to groups of users. It will be several weeks before it is available to everyone.

And none of this could have been done without all of you!!  I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication!  You all are the best! 

I do like Green eggs and ham!  I do like them Sam I Am!!




Known Issues

HipHop-E It's Getting Better Everyday!!

  • Return Of The Back Key-When at a site, hitting the "back" key takes you back at least 2 pages instead of to the previous page viewed. We are aware of this problem and it should be fixed shortly. Please include URL's and type of media format being us ed in your PR reports.

  • Printer Problem-Printers drivers are no longer being found from our boxes, and pages will not print. We are aware of this problem and it should be fixed shortly. Please include URL's and type of media format being used in your PR reports.

  • Double Side Bar-Pages will load with a double side bar and previous page will appear below description boxes. We are aware of this problem and it should be fixed shortly. Please include URL's and type of media format being used in your PR reports.

  • Media Player-There are several problems ranging from video without audio, audio being garbled, and audio media files crashing boxes altogether. We are aware of this problem and it should be fixed shortly. Please include URL's and type of media format being used in your PR reports.

  • IRC-You may receive the message "You may only vist rooms sponsored by WebTV" when trying to use internet related chat services, such as Talk City or Geocities. We are aware of this problem. Please report results via the problem report form.

  • Settings-You may notice that Background Music and Text Size are not remaining set where you left them. We are aware of this problem and it should be fixed shortly. If you notice anything else in settings going astray please let us know.

  • Messenger Unavailable-You may notice that when you first login to WebTV you may receive the messenger unavailabe message appear. Try reloading the page and try accessing messenger again.

  • Page Too Large -You may notice some error messages on WebTV and External Pages that say 'This Page is Too Large to Be Displayed' Please note what page you were on and try reloading the page and if still a problem please please power off and back on. Please report results via the problem report form.

  • Adding Images in the Newsgroups-You may expereince some hanging or inactivity when trying to add images to the Newgroups. Please report which NG you were trying to post to and what you were trying to post if you experience this problem.