It's nice to know the things webtv doesn't let us have yet some of these features we've wanted forever.. I would like to thank Eric for finding them with the viewer.. These pages require an internal debug build to access them.

Set Time - file://rom/InternalOnly/SetClock.html

Debug Settings - file://ROM/DebugOnly/DebugTermSetup.html

VFatHax - file://rom/InternalOnly/VFatHax.html

DiskHax - file://rom/InternalOnly/DiskHax.html

ConnectSetup - Although this page can be seen from production it only works with an internal build
NOTE: Thanks to for finding this page back in earily 98 - client:gotoconn

Client Control - file://rom/DebugOnly/ClientControl.html

Download Files - file://rom/DebugOnly/DownloadFile.html - Yup thats right, webtv keeps all the fun toys to them selves.

Upload Files - file://rom/DebugOnly/UploadFile.html - Yup thats right,damn jerks!!

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