Not really to much going on in this group right now but I thought it interesting because I never knew there was a Charlie group for previewer testng.

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Last Updated 02/11/00 4:00 PM PST


Welcome Former Red Previewers to your new home in our Alpha Test group 'Khaki' Yes it's hard to spell but the bugs should be easier to find ;-).

The External Test at WebTV has 3 different server groups that we test new features on these are Alpha, Beta, and Charlie. The Red group you were previously in was on our Beta Servers and was the final testing zone before we released new clients and services to our production customers. Now that you are in our Alpha group we will be testing services before they go to your former home on Red.

A new Newsgroup has been created and you will now be posting to webtv.users.preview.khaki.

Since you are now testing HipHop.E please post and discuss any issues that arise that were not occuring when you were in Red. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Talk to you Soon