Warning! This game is known to be addictive.

There are four matching tiles of each design, and the goal of the game is to remove all the tiles. To remove a tile, click on one to mark it with a red corner, and then click on its matching tile. To be removed, the tile must not be blocked by other tiles -- either the right or left side must be free.

What makes the game challenging is that tiles are stacked up to five layers deep, and the tile you're looking for may be under another. A tile is free if the stack to the left or right of the tile is lower. The height of a stack of tiles is indicated by the gray border left and below each tile; the thicker the border, the higher the stack.

If you get stuck, press the hint button and the game will put red triangles on matching tiles to suggest a move, or will tell you if there are no more possible moves. Theoretically, every game is winnable, but.... (it's not easy). You can also use the "Back" button to back up a move.

WebTV Issues

WebTV has some JavaScript and browser bugs that sometimes cause tiles not to be displayed as you play. If this happens, you can usually get the tiles to appear by moving the highlight box over the missing tile. Although this doesn't always work, we've yet to see a tile that's not blocked fail to appear when the highlight is moved over it.

If the game does not appear to fully load on WebTV, wait a few more moments to see if it will (WebTV can be quite slow to load some pages these days). If that doesn't solve the problem, try reloading by using Cmd-R from your keyboard or the Reload from the Options button on the remote control.

Enjoy -- but don't say we didn't warn you -- it can be habit forming!

Taipei was programmed by Armin Kielack and was modified for Internet TV play by Net4TV. Copyright 1998-1999, Armin Kielack and Net4TV Corporation.

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