Tutorial: How to backup your own Xbox Games.

Things you need:

1. Mod'ed Xbox (i have a Matrix/Xodus chip)
2. Network Cable
A. If you have a hub or switch:
- Cat 5 "straight through" regular network cable. (Quantity: 2)
B. If you don't have one either:
- Cat 5 "crossover" network cable. (Quantity: 1)
3. A Computer with a network card (RJ45 Ethernet either 10 or 10/100).
4. An FTP client like FlashFXP, CuteFTP, BulletproofFTP etc.
5. A Burned Copy of the EvoX dashboard (either on DVD, or CDRW). WARNING: If you do not have a hub, make sure you edit the evox.ini file such that it has a unique IP (something like for the XBOX, and to disable the use of DHCP, BEFORE you create this disc. -hint: make sure you use a program like ISOmaker to "compile" the iso if you burn to a CDRW.

Required reading: http://evox.xboxhackz.net/evox/guid...networking.html

Alright folks, lets get this party started.

Prep Steps:

Hub: Plug in your xbox to the uplink port of the hub/switch. Plug your PC into any of the other ports on the hub. Now, if you have a router that does DHCP, or a network setup that has a DHCP server on it, you do not need to change the evox.ini, or change your computer's IP address. However if you just have a basic network then you should hardcode your computer's IP address to with a subnet mask of

No Hub: Plug in the xbox to the computer's network card using the cross over cable. Change the IP address of your computer to, subnet mask


1. Boot your XBOX to the Evox Disc.
2. Go to System Utils
3. Go to Settings
4. Double check your network settings, and if you're using a DHCP server or router, write down the IP address of the Xbox.
5. Make sure FTP is enabled.
6. Press the Eject Button on the XBOX.
7. When the tray opens, place the original game you want to backup in the XBox tray, and close the tray. (either push the tray gently or press the eject/close button.)
8. Let the Xbox read the disc, and you'll see in the main menu of Evox off to the right hand corner the words "Game Disc"
9. Now, head over to your computer with the IP address you wrote down handy (or the one you created if you don't use DHCP) and FTP to that address. the Login and password should be defaulted to xbox/xbox.
10. When you first login to the xbox there are several drive letters. For these purposes we will only pay attention to drive D: This is your DVD-ROM on the Xbox.
11. Change to the D: drive on the xbox.
12. Select everything on drive D: and transfer it to your Computer's Harddrive. If you decide to store multiple games file's on your PC's Harddrive, I strongly suggest preserving their file structure by creating a different directory on your PC for each game.
13. Once you have completely transferred the Xbox game from the XBox to your PC, you can shutdown the xbox and if you want to, disconnect it from your PC/network.
14. To backup the data on DVD-R/+R, you may or may not need to compile the files into an ISO. Isomaker is a great tool for this, but I find that most games don't need to be iso'd as long as you burn them to DVD-R. (at least in my experiance so far).

Posted by: nevkil