WEEKLY wtv-1800:/preregister?category_redirect=1 Get ANI Phone Number

Your phone number
Type in the telephone number of your Internet terminal's phone line. This will help us choose the MSN TV service access number nearest you.
example 202-555-1212

Press to type.
To go on, highlight Continue and press the center button.
WEEKLY wtv-register:/ValidateSplash Using MSN TV
To connect to the Internet you will be using the MSN TV service. The next screens will lead you through a quick setup process for using this service.

Press the center button on your remote control to begin setup.

wtv-register:/ValidateWelcome-wtv-token-1024043065-0706B780CE630D26FB341B4E6855AEA9 Using the remote control
Using the remote control
To begin, find the arrow buttons on your remote control.

Use the arrow buttons to move this yellow box on the screen. Try moving this yellow box down to Continue.

Once you've moved the yellow box to Continue, press the center button.

wtv-register:/ValidateExistingMSNIA-wtv-token-2258173927-2F8A6819DE20FD0BEC4DAB2F3FA9F463 Getting free MSN TV service
Getting free MSN TV service
If you are an MSNIA subscriber, you can get MSN TV service at no charge. You'll need the following:
  • your MSNIA user name
  • your MSNIA password
  • an MSNIA promotion code

To find out how to get an MSNIA promotion code, choose Continue.

If you're not an MSNIA subscriber, press Back to return to the previous screen.

wtv-register:/ValidateMSNIAExplained-wtv-token-921300333-29FB6766D86E260004A1625A5E55A633 Getting a promotion code
Getting a promotion code
To get your MSNIA promotion code, you'll need to call us at 1-800-469-3288.

If your Internet receiver is connected to the phone line you'll be using to make this call, choose Hang up.

Once you have received your MSNIA promotion code, choose Continue.

wtv-register:/ValidateAddress-wtv-token-153681937-23B0CE4743CA14049A9DA83676AA41AD Your promotion code
Your promotion code
Type the MSN Internet Access promotion code you received.


To go on, highlight Continue and
press Return.