Special thanks to the Tan Man for helping me add the Tan group to my collection.. Thanks Tan Man!

Hey all you Wheel and Jeopardy players....

Rumor has it that a few of our customers are having difficutly  playing these games.  Hopefully with a little help from you we can figure out what the problem is.  Here is what I need for you to do:

A)  Play the games =)

B)  Provide me with feedback (good or bad) about your experience

C)  I need to know how your system is configured (Antenna, Cable TV, Sattelite, VCR, etc..)

D)  Please include the city and state that you are in.

Thanks for all of your help.  Hopefully we can get these games running smoothly in the very near future.


Good luck =)



The upgrade for interactive television was not pushed out as planned over the weekend. Instead, you should see this later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience,



Hello gang -

From reading the posts in the newsgroup, it would appear that not everyone is enjoying their new Nipper units.  I apologize to those of you that are experiencing some problems.  Hopefully we can get those ironed out shortly.  I hope that for the most part that everyone is having a good time.

Thank you for all of your hard work and patience =)




For this trial, here are some of the items that we would like you to help us with:

* Please make sure that when the unit is powered on that the "red" RCA logo is displayed

* Please visit the TV Homepage and look at the "How To" section on the remote control. You should see a picture of the newly designed RCA remote control

* You should also notice that the codes for programming your WebTV remote to control the television, no longer appear. Now you should be referred to the owner's manual for these codes.

You should also continue to use your WebTV (Elsie or Nipper) as you normally would. Please report anything out the ordinary. These units should perform exactly the same as your old Lucy unit. Until I get the problem report link pointed to the correct database please post and send your finding to mailto:prevuemt@corp.webtv.net

Thanks again for all of your help.


...(really old stuff)

Hi Gang -

First of all I would like to welcome all of you to the Tan color group. I realize that the color tan is not all that exciting, but it was the only color that was not being used. Oh well, we will just have to make the best of it =)

Thanks for all of your help,


New Features

  • InfoCenters Get Even Better! - WebTV has reorganized the InfoCenters and included a few new InfoCenters in order to make finding information easy. Below are the particular changes.

  • Custom Dictionary - WebTV customers have been asking for the ability to add words to the Spellchecker Dictionary in Mail. Now, you can! To use this feature: