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Last Updated: 12/18/2000 4:12 PM PST


Hello and Happy Holidays,

As you may have noticed, I've added a section to this site for providing detailed instructions for reporting specific issues. It is often necessary that we get very detailed information, and sometimes information that isn't obviously relevant, for investigating bugs. I will do my best to inform you when a new set of instructions is added, but I suggest that you occasionally wander in and take a look. Current issues are Black Screens and TV Listings.

PARTY!!! We're having a Holiday Party in the Newsgroup. Please stop by and mingle and add your Holiday cheer.

And just a reminder, if you do not have a printer and need a hard copy of the Standard Tests mailed to you, please send email to prevuedr@corp.webtv.net and request that one be sent to you.

That's all for now. Have a great Holiday Season and Happy New Year.

Talk to you soon,


Known Issues Area

Updated 11/28/00 4:300PM PDT

Multi-Dish Switch ErrorThis should now be fixed, please report any occurrence.
If it does occur, the work around is the 32768 code.

No Information on all channels
Work around: You will need use the 32768 code. This will however erase channel favorites.
This is also a priority fix for the next release.

This will occasionally come and go. It will usually accompany black screens, and maybe audio/video out of sync.

Multiple Black Screens
Work around: Power off, then back on. You may need to unplug and plug your unit back in if powering off does not work.
This is a priority fix for the next release.

Lag time between channel change
This is the downside to the black screen fix. It will be addressed in the next release, reducing lag time to acceptable level.

Cursor lag on Web side
This is a known issue and is being investigated.

URL Hijack
This is also a priority bug that is being investigated.

Automatic redial after disconecting for a phone call.
A bug has been filed.

All recordings in PTV show 1 minute on December 31.This should now be fixed, please report any occurrence.

Problem Report Instruction

Updated 11/28/00 4:300PM PDT

Please use the instructions below when posting to the newsgroup or filing Problem Reports about the specified issues.

Black Screens => when the picture on the TV momentarily goes to black, then comes back. Does not include channel changes.

If you do experience a Black Screen:
Newsgroup: Please post this issue to our group newsgroup and include the following:

  1. Date and time (include time zone)
  2. Geographic location
  3. Channel
  4. Viewing live or delayed?
  5. Was it a single black screen or multiple? If multiple, please describe. (duration of the occurence, how much time between individual black screens, how many indivdual black screens...)

TV Listings => please verify everyday that you have received seven days of TV listings, by selecting "Listings" from TV Home, then select "by day and time". If you do not have the full seven days (sometimes shown as eight), follow the instructions below:

Newsgroup: Please post this information to our group newsgroup and include the following information:

  1. Look in the newsgroup for a current thread regarding missing listings, and add your information to the thread.
  2. If there is no thread, begin one with an appropriate title and please include the date in the title.

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