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Last Updated: 02/01/2001 11:19 AM PST


Hello Everyone in Tan Land,

If you're reading this, you have received the first software version of this trial (5604). I've been getting loads of very valuable feedback from this group. Thank you and keep it coming.

Please take a look at the Known Issues, I have updated this page with the latest issues.

Thanks and keep up the good work,


Known Issues Area

Updated 02/01/01 10:30 AM PDT

Issues reported in 5604

Spell Check: Unit will crash if spell check is used to correct spelling - bug has been filed

PIP: Unit will occasionally crash when changing channels on PIP - bug has been filed

PIP/Scroll: With PIP in the top corner positions, scroll up/down does not work correctly - bug has been filed

Problems result from download: Many Previewers have reported problems with the download resulting in multiple "Preparing update for use" sequences - bug has been filed

Yahoo Mail, Eudora Mail, and other sites: Much of the content is missing from these pages - bug has been filed

Address Book: Extremely long loading time - avg. 45 sec. - bug has been filed

Added Note: IM service outages are still a major concern and the work toward a solution has not let up.

Issues Reported in 5601

ITV: ITV Links do not work on MSNBC and other Interactive channels - bug has been filed

IM:Conversation will slowly work its way up and out of viewable area - bug has been filed

IM:No sound when Buddy signs on or when messages are sent and received - bug has been filed

IM:Random crashes when using IM: should be fixed

IM:Error codes visible when IM cannot connect

IM:Severe connection problems: service issue that is being addressed.

IM:Buddy limit reached at 5, then strange error message: should be fixed

TV World:Cursor reaction slow, especially when using ffwd, rwd, or inV Listings: should be fixed

Increased hard drive noise: should be mostly fixed

Issues known before release of 5493

Multi-Dish Switch ErrorThis should now be fixed, please report any occurrence.

No Information on all channels Please report all incidents of this.

Pixelization This is being addressed in this trial

Multiple Black Screens Please report all incidents. See Reporting Instructions

Lag time between channel change This will be fixed in a later version of this trial.

Cursor lag on Web side This is a known issue and is being investigated.

URL Hijack This is also a priority bug that is being investigated.

Automatic redial after disconecting for a phone call. A bug has been filed.

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