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Last Updated: 11/15/2000 1:30 PM PST


Hello Everyone in Tan Land,

Currently, we are all running the same client(5473) and service as all general subscribers. Although we have a break in upgrades for awhile, bug hunting season is always open. Please notice that "Known Issues" has been added to the Home Page. I will do my best to keep the Known Issues updated.

As we get closer to the next round of testing, I will be modifying the Standard Tests to reflect new features and changes. As before, if you do not have a printer, please send email to prevuedr@corp.webtv.net and request that a hard copy be mailed to you. Remember to include your current mailing address. While on the subject of mailing addresses, please update your current contact information by selecting "Account" from Web Home, then select "Subscriber Info."

That's all for now. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Talk to you soon,


Known Issues Area

Updated 11/14/00 3:00PM PDT

Multi-Dish Switch Error
Work around: This will cause you to have to go through the set-up process again.
A fix is being investigated.

No Information on all channels
Work around: You will need use the 32768 code. This will however erase channel favorites.
This is also a priority fix for the next release.

Multiple Black Screens
Work around: Power off, then back on. You may need to unplug and plug your unit back in if powering off does not work.
This is a priority fix for the next release.

Lag time between channel change
This is the downside to the black screen fix. It will be addressed in the next release, reducing lag time to acceptable level.

Cursor lag on Web side
This is a known issue and is being investigated.

URL Hijack
This is also a priority bug that is being investigated.

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