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NOTE: During the Great Tricks Break-in, there were several ad-hoc exploration groups formed and hundreds of letters written. These select letters are from but one such group. They contain uninformed speculation which is to be expected since no one knew what was going on. Apparently, not even WebTV.


From: webpoet3@testdrive.webtv.net (MeAswell) Date: Mon, Aug 17, 1998, 7:09pm (EDT-1) To: ultrax@webtv.net, blue_blade@webtv.net Subject: i am trusting you with this...dont let me down. i have the 2.3 internal-debug (build 5000)... you might recall me...webpoet2....well on the wtv-tricks page i accidently erased my account.. i cannot get into any newsgroups at all...email and chat are my only options for outside communications...please post none of this in the groups....email it around if you must to select people....doom and you dont know jack are in the 2.3 but they take one hour each to download and 15 minutes to update .....in the 3.0 i saw shit like netshow A1, DVD Headend Demo, and Cable98 v2....the 2.3 had plus debug, sat debug, and webstar debug... in the 2.2 i had the photo send and vcr shit work great..i cannot test the audio just yet..plan to though...i am one to supply proof...do not send this to anyone...and delete it after you have read it....one word remains to unlock everything for you...seqret1 --->wtv-tricks. please write me back at webpoet3@testdrive.webtv.net asap.... i know it is a blue screen..i will send you more pics after i set up my channels and shit..but please write ASAP

From: ulTRAX@webtv.net Date: Mon, Aug 17, 1998, 8:13pm To: mattman@webtv.net, bnjpunk@webtv.net, rcpease@webtv.net, Kwegibo@webtv.net Subject: TRICKS URLs There may some errors and some ommissions. But this is what I have.... mostly from mattman. WEBTV TRICKS FAV=can easily be saved as a FAV Info [[[NEED THIS URL]]] Run a WWW Tour [[[NEED THIS URL]]] Visit Big Willie's! wtv-flashrom:/willie (upgrade files... I'd be careful) Visit Vend-A-Telly! wtv-customscript:/vedatelly (be careful here) FAV Blast Backlist wtv-tricks:/BlastBacklist (clears all recent files...returns you to home) Visit Little Willie's! wtv-flashrom:/willie?label=LittleWillie (not much here) Blast NVRAM [[[NEED THIS URL]]] I"M not going to try this one LOL Unregister This Box [[[NEED URL]]] dangerous!! Go on a POP Tour wtv-customscript:/poptour-guide (heed warnings!) Out, damn spot! wtv-tricks:/spots (ad spots) Stayin' Alive wtv-tricks:/StayConnected (stops 10 minute disconnects for 24 hours) Download-o-Rama wtv-disk:/content/Downloads.tmpl (lots of files to download... if you dare) FAV Show Services [[[NEED THIS URL]]] FAV Video Ad Stuff [[[NEED THIS URL]]] Jiffy-POP-O-Rama [[[NEED THIS URL]]] FAV
From: ulTRAX@webtv.net Date: Mon, Aug 17, 1998, 8:35pm To: webpoet3@testdrive.webtv.net (Me Aswell) Subject: Re: (no subject) Can you send a C&P of your WIllie (you know what I mean)... since mine only goes up to 2.2. I suspect that it varies by box.... not sure yet. How did you get access to 2.3 and 3.0? What the testdrive addy? Promo account? Hope you didn't tell WTV what happened to your old account
From: ulTRAX@webtv.net Date: Mon, Aug 17, 1998, 8:43pm To: webpoet3@testdrive.webtv.net (Me Aswell), mattman69@webtv.net Subject: Re: i am trusting you with this...dont let me down Do you have JS? If not can you downgrade your service to get it... then (if you still have the Willie pages with the 2.3 and the 3.0....) you can get the HREF action codes behind the buttons. Best person to talk to about this is King Upgrade... Mattman
From: webpoet3@testdrive.webtv.net (MeAswell) Date: Mon, Aug 17, 1998, 7:52pm (EDT-1) To: ulTRAX@webtv.net Subject: Re: (no subject) i dont know how to work c&p yet.... i just made up a fake account... name= me aswell my old username was webpoet2... so i went to webpoet3... i wrote whocares@webtv and told them my account got deleted and i was pissed as hell...whatthe hell were they doing up there... fucking with peoples accounts and stuff like that....that was last night and they havent written back yet....i dont wanna call.... i am guessing the testdrive part is because they are awaiting my first payment on this new account.... i can hit the control and cmd at the same time and i stll see the js... but not all of it... just the first part.... please dont screw me over with all the info i am providing...give my addy to sir tricks alot and have him write me asap.. i dont remember his addy... i am going out on a limb and hoping all of you dont start fighting again.... we could really stir things up a bit if we can all work together quickly and effectively.... seqret1 is the wtv-tricks:/tricks password ....anyway ....write back soon.... until i get my newsgroups back you are my new best friend.
From: ulTRAX@webtv.net Date: Tue, Aug 18, 1998, 10:06am To: mattman69@webtv.net, Kwegibo@webtv.net, bnjpunk@webtv.net, rcpease@webtv.net, blue_blade@webtv.net, webpoet3@testdrive.webtv.net Subject: URL Update We still need a few more URLs.... once we get them all.... and save each page as a FAV... we won't have to worry about going through the password page anymore. If there is any monitoring.... I bet that's where it is... propably not on all the individual pages.... though the Jiffy Pop page runs an ANI phone # check.. so there's potential there for monitoring. Anyway... they are all open pages.... no warnings to stay out of them (only the main page). Tell everyone to stop sending themselves the Phil Video Mail. This is what I have.... Those not marked FAV can be saved by going to MyWebTV Change Stock... then entering src="URLgoesHERE">.... then saving it. INFO [[[NEED THIS URL]]] RUN A WWW Tour [[[NEED THIS URL]]] VISIT BIG WILLIE'S! wtv-flashrom:/willie (upgrade files... I'd be careful) VEND-A-TELLY! wtv-customscript:/vedatelly (be careful here) FAV BLAST BACKLIST wtv-tricks:/BlastBacklist (clears all recent files...returns you to home) LITTLE WILLIE'S! wtv-flashrom:/willie?label=LittleWillie (not much here) BLAST NVRAM [[[NEED THIS URL]]] I"M not going to try this one LOL UNREGISTER THIS BOX [[[NEED URL]]] Dangerous!! Dangerous! POP TOUR wtv-customscript:/poptour-guide (heed warnings!) OUT, DAMN SPOT! wtv-tricks:/spots (ad spots) STAYIN' ALIVE wtv-tricks:/StayConnected (stops 10 minute disconnects for 24 hours) DOWNLOAD-O-RAMA wtv-disk:/content/Downloads.tmpl (lots of files to download... if you dare) FAV SHOW SERVICES client:showservices FAV VIDEO AD STUFF wtv-tricks:/videoad JIFFY-POP wtv-customscript:/jiffy-pop-o-rama FAV QUɧIN h MINN PRIGM!!!
From: MirrororriM@webtv.net (S3kUr1tY3xP3rT) Date: Tue, Aug 18, 1998, 6:23pm To: ultrax@webtv.net Subject: Fwd: benchmark.jpg I'm not sure what all you have written down and in your favs, but I'm seeing new wtv- functions. For instance the one in the fwded msg, wtv-content, client:hangupPhone, client:ResetNVAndPowerOff, client:showservices, and I saw on the "Run a WWW Tour" screen a part of a URL that I haven't checked yet. ~/network/src/app/home/content/tourist.html . I saw the screen you were refering to about the local ISP's, and you have a very interesting thought going on there. I also saw at the very bottom of the Info screen a bunch of info about my unit in text (Smartcard 1 not supported CPU type = 4640 big-endian, etc.). I'm not sure what exactly you looked at, or what you worked on specifically, but I had to write down about two pages full of info from quite a few file:// 's to hitting options on every popup to get the #. I figure any info collected now can be checked out later even the littlest of details may be something. If you get any screens you can forward and you want them on a computer... you can e-mail them to HOWIEFELTERSNATCH@prodigy.net and I can take a look. I haven't been able to save to much in my favs except the ones that will let you. How do you send one of your favs by e-mail using mailto: ? Or can't someone do that? I've never really worried about it until now. I'm sure you've probably seen all of this before, but I find everything very interesting... If you have any ideas you want to try on a PC, let me know and I can try it on my account if you'd like. I'd like to help in any way I can 100%. Thanks again for letting me in on this. wtv-customscript:/images/benchmark.jpg (benchmark.jpg)
From: ulTRAX@webtv.net Date: Wed, Aug 19, 1998, 10:25am To: Blue_Blade@webtv.net (Joey Granseal) Subject: Re: Arrghh! I knew this day would come that's why I urged everyone to get the URLs first.... it's that planner/organizer in me. Just as well.. and the URLs should probably be kept a secret. Some are pretty dangerous things there. A number of people have messed up their box.... I thought a friend of mine had unregstered his box like webpoet seems to have. Can you imaging the havoc if that action code got out? I'm hoping that nobody even has the URL. In the mean time.... there is that other page we need to find.... Killer WIllie with the 2.3 upgrade.
From: pimpstar2@testdrive.webtv.net Date: Wed, Aug 19, 1998, 10:48am To: ulTRAX@webtv.net Subject: Re: Please be on Okay heres the story, well I'm leaving some details out for my personal safety. The other day I was having trouble connecting so I decided to call webtv. They put me through circles saying the samething over and over again. I finally got to a level two person and they did a box-switch (what they do when they move info from a classic to a plus). After all of that I turned my webtv back on and the billing process came up; the one when you first get your webtv. I called back and they went through a bunch of crap again and finally told so fill out all my billing info again and my old account would be back. I did that and guess what nothing was back. So ended up with the name pimpstar1@testdrive.webtv.net, instead of pimpstar@webtv.net. I called back and they were baffled. I"ll skip some more details to make a long story short. Then I turned my webtv back on and had to fill out the billing info again, now I got the address I'm using now, with the upgrade. But wait there's more, this isn't normal stuff. This testdrive thing is supposedly "top secret" and the upgrade I have is one that is not supposed to be released for almost another year. All of this stuff is Illegal that I have and was told by webtv. The man said that not even the level 3 people at GoWebtv have seen it or no anything about it. He said to tell the truth there is no one there that can fix the problem and that all of this is being worked on by the engineers and corporate offices, he said "the guys up stairs". He insisted that someone at my house forced the upgrade, I said no and there is nobody here that knows about all of that stuff. He said well if noone there did it then the gut that did the box-switch may have some how did it and that everyone of the operators that we talked to would probably get in big trouble for us having what we have. So the thing is now that, he said we'll be getting a call very soon from the corporate offices and everybody there is working on the problem. So what I suspect soon is that I'll be getting in trouble for having this and there is no telling what after that. Please don't share this information with anybody, I'm about scared as shit as it is. I don't want the whole webtv world knowing whats going on.
From: pimpstar2@testdrive.webtv.net Date: Wed, Aug 19, 1998, 11:12am To: ulTRAX@webtv.net Subject: Re: Please be on Man I'm a nervous wreck. Sorry for this mail but I just feel like typing to cool my nerves, these cigarettes aren't helping much. You know what the guy told me, he said that the army would shoot you for stuff like this that I have. I don't know what to do. I know I may sound like i'm over exagerating[s?] but he sounded "very" serious and was action wierd. This one guy was even acting like he was trying to trick me into saying I did the testdrive address myself. He said, "are you sure that your not just imaging things, because testdrive addresses don't even exsist. I said no I'm not imaging it, it just came up when I resigned on. Then he sent me to that other guy that told me all of this is illegal and that the corporate offices will be calling me. Well I just hope that everything works out alright. What do you think they could do if they finally decided that I did all of this?
From: ulTRAX@webtv.net Date: Wed, Aug 19, 1998, 5:35pm To: Lord__Izm@webtv.net, Kwegibo@webtv.net, Blue_blade@webtv.net, TipTup@webtv.net, mattman69@webtv.net, bnjpunk@webtv.net, MirrororriM@webtv.net Subject: As the Unofficial Historian I want to know
Lord__IZM wrote: From: Lord__Izm@webtv.net Date: Mon, Aug 17, 1998, 11:14pm To: wtvcrew@effex.net Subject: [crew] WTV-TRICKS....READ! OK, OK, OK......I am fessing up, whether or not someone else has taken the credit for cracking the password, I am the originator of it. I informed BRAD of my findings to get him to share it with the rest of the group, for informational purposes only, it truly is a fascinating page, and that is why I spent numerous hours working on it. TRUTH IS...I have had this password for 4-5 months already but haven't found any groups to give it to, until now. What happens when I release it, hell breaks loose. I AM SORRY. I do wish to stay with the group for many more moons to come, but if for some reason this accounts to me dismissal I will understand, but believe me I gave the password for info purposes only.
Since anybody can claim to have been first to hack Tricks... all such claims must be put to the test so proper credit can be given. So how exactly was the Tricks PW cracked? What was there 4-5 months ago? Upgrade list the same? Who gave the PW to whom first? Who are the other people who knew? Is the a dated e-paper trail either showing the password or at least showing that someone knew the contents of Tricks? Why weren't some harmless Tricks posted... like stayconnected?
From: ulTRAX@webtv.net Date: Fri, Aug 21, 1998, 1:19pm To: mattman69@webtv.net, Kwegibo@webtv.net, bnjpunk@webtv.net, MirrororriM@webtv.net Subject: Local IP.... please keep this private If WTV is an open TCP/IP network... then the link between our box (or POP dialup) and the WTV server has to have an IP routing code. That's what we see when go to the Vend a Telly. The IP we see there is different from the one we see at http://www.helie.com/BrowserCheck/ I ran a check of my Vend a Telly IP and it is my local Dial-up. I'm assuming that all of this is handled automatically when we log on... and we won't have to insert any IP codes into a command string if we go direct to the WTV IPs. I'm assuming all the TCP/IP is somewhat transparent as far as communication between our box and the WTV server is concerned. If so, the question remains how to format commands to communicate with the WTV server... how we Identify who we are (or are pretending to be). Like I said earlier, a User ID has to be used in a fetch command to bring up a homepage (ours or someone elses)... but once that account is loaded... any verification codes are probably handled automatically by the the box.... then again... maybe the server is quite happy just sending the hacked account info to the Local IP. Any Ideas?
From: MattMan69@webtv.net (MattMan) Date: Fri, Aug 21, 1998, 4:04pm To: ulTRAX@webtv.net Subject: Re: URL Update Do you know the address for KillerWillie? Didn't someone send you the addy for the 2.3 upgrade? I thought you forwarded me a letter with it in there but i can't find it, i've had a ton of mail and might have deleted it.. How are you making out on the IP#'s?? Fooled around a bit with the 2.2 but the lack of JS makes it hard thank god for the stock page, if you can't use the embed code to view the page you can use links wtv codes
From: MattMan69@webtv.net (Matt Man) Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 20:00:38 -0400 (EDT) To: ulTRAX@webtv.net Subject: Re: URL Update No wasn't able to get the C upgrade on the plus. Been working on the one ip you posted. at one point i thought i was going to do something but didn't. i used this code first one load bar appeared at the top then disappeared and then another came up and took me to relogin. haven't been able to get back to showservices since i downgraded back to the 2.1 http://www.angelfire.com/ny/mattman69/sigA.html