The Tricks site is a secret webtv employee only site where they go to access different kinds of utilities. If you would like to check out the main password page you can get there by erasing http:// in the goto box and typing wtv-tricks:/tricks

Note: These Pics were taken back in Augest of 98, since then the password to tricks has been changed and webtv has also added new warning to the tricks main page. This site was again busted into sometime later where it was discovered that they had also striped the inside.

Tricks Wrong Password

Accessing Tricks

Inside Tricks

More Tricks

Even More Tricks

More F_ing Tricks

Last Tricks Pic.

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Big Willie -- If you woud like to see more on Big Willie click the pic.

Me Downloading something Bad from Willie, which messed up my classic. Now i have a plus!

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