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MSNtv occasionaly offers upgrades to its users. In these upgrades you'll find new features added to the MSNtv service. This page is devoted to keeping track of the features MSNtv users have received with each upgrade.

KEY: [SS] = server-side upgrade (These are upgrades that the MSNtv Network does on its own. They don't require any downloading of new features. These occur sometimes early Wednesday mornings.)
If any of the features below don't have [SS] next to them (or aren't specified as a server-side upgraded feature) this means that they were part of the client-side upgrade. These client-side upgrades are usually offered when logging on to MSNtv. It takes the MSNtv Network about 2-4 weeks to get all of its subscribers upgraded since the upgrades are only offered to a select number of people per day.

The MSNtv Upgrade Screen (usually found right after dialing in to MSNtv)

[ Newest Upgrade ]

Winter 1996 (Dec.) [Classic Client 1.1]

Summer 1997 (June) [Classic Client 1.2]

Fall 1997 (Sept.) [Classic Client 1.3]

Summer 1998 (June) [Classic Client 1.4]

WebTV Plus Users received the above plus:

(Plus Client 2.2)

Fall 1998 (Sept.) [Full Server-Side Upgrade]

WebTV Plus users received the above plus:

Spring 1999 (May) [Classic Client 1.4.2]
(This upgrade was just an upgrade to fix some bugs. A lot of the most annoying bugs remain even after the upgrade is downloaded. This upgrade has had a lot of problems. It originally was released as ver. 1.4.1 for Classic users and ver. 2.2.1 for Plus users. A second upgrade was released to fix the Amnesia Bomb problem [Classic ver. 1.4.2 and Plus ver. 2.2.2].) The "Amnesia Bomb" resembles a hack that hit the WebTV Network in Spring 1999. The code can be sent via email or a newsgroup posting; when the mail or post is opened, the code calls an internal "force registration" WebTV code that causes the user's box to "unregister" itself -- that is, it cancels the user's account from the WebTV box.

The DISHPlayer's current WebTV Client is 2.3 (as of June 1999). It includes all of the above plus:

Summer 1999 (June) [Full Server-Side Upgrade]
[This upgrade is for all users.]

DISHPlayer Upgrade Only:
WebTV Client 2.3.1 - Winter 1999 (December)

PTV (Personal TV) Upgrade

The cost of the PTV features is $9.99 per month paid to Dish Network and WebTV users get a $5 discount on their monthly WebTV Plus Service fee. The PTV features are:

Summer 2000 [WebTV Plus Client 2.5]

All WebTVs [EXCEPT THE DISHPlayer] Get:
Every WebTV box except for the First Generation WebTV Classics (that are over 4 years old) get the following in addition to the features shown above:

Winter 2001 [Client Version 2.6]
[This upgrade is NOT available for DISHPlayers]

WebTV Plus users receive all the features above plus:

2002 [Client Version 2.7]

Spring 2003 [Client Version 2.8]

Summer 2003 [Client Version 2.8.1]

Fall 2003 [Client Version 2.8.2]

Spring 2004 [April Server Side Upgrade]

Summer 2004 [Client Version 2.9]

Summer 2005 [Client Version 2.9.1]