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Last Updated: 10/3/00 10:00 pm PDT

Hello Mellow Yellows,

Updated: 10/3/2000

To help us orginize our efforts, we have created two new sections for Client testing and Service testing. Client upgrades are downloaded into your box, whereas Service upgrades are on our servers. Each are treated as a seperate preview and have different schedules. Sometime these schedules overlap. We'll notify you of any changes to the Client and Service sections on the Latest Updats page.


Updated: 10/3/2000

A new Client has been released to the Yellow group! More information can be found through the Client link on the sidebar.


Updated: 10/3/2000

New Service Build! We will be releasing a new service to you tomorrow morning (9/26/00). Please be sure to check the known issues page before filing any problem reports. The test plan for this trial will be located on the Service link on the sidebar.

Andrea and Marcus


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Client Updates

Last Updated: 10/3/00 10:00 pm PDT

Testing Status
:  Week 1 Testing

Congratulations!  New features are now available for testing!  The latest upgrade focuses on getting our browser up to par with the World Wide Web.

The Feature List 

  • Browser Version Upgrade - less rejections due to an older browser! 

  • New Design for Windows Media Player 

  • Improved Media Support 

  • Flash 4.0 Support 

  • Improved Web Standards Support (i.e. HTML, JavaScript, etc.) 

  • Interactive TV Enhancements 

  • MSN Messenger and Web PIP changes - now you can watch TV and Chat simultaneously! 

  • Printing Changes 

Testing Schedule 

We have a single month (that's only 4 weeks of alpha testing) to make sure the latest upgrade is is of great quality.  There isn't much time considering the many features we have to go through.  Every week, we'll have a focus: 

Week 1: Getting to Know the New Features 

  • Get to know all features - use the new features and tell us your first impressions 

  • Browser Version Upgrade.  Does it really work?  You tell us.  

  • MSN Messenger and Web PIP Changes.  Try it out, what do you think? 

  • Printing Changes.  Do the changes work for you?  We would like to know! 

Week 2: Surfing the Net 

  • Flash 4.0 Support.  

  • Improved Web Standard Support.  How are web sites working for you? 

Week 3:  Improved Media 

  • Windows Media Player Re-design. 

  • Improved Media Support. 

Week 4: ITV and Bug Fest  

  • New ITV, Wallet, and Nightly Download 

  • Bug Fest - your last chance to file bugs before we move on to Beta!  Be the one to postpone Beta! 

Each week, a testing guide will be released to help streamline our testing efforts.  Near the end of the week, a survey that directly corresponds with that week's testing focus will also be release.  All testers need to fill out each and every survey.  

Once again, congratulations and have fun!  


Test Guide

WebTV Previews
Yellow Client Tests

Test Guide: Week One

Last Updated: 10/3/00 10:00 pm PDT

Welcome to Week 1 of Browser Upgrade Testing!  This week, we are focusing on:

  • Get to know all features - use the new features and tell us your first impressions 

  • Browser Version Upgrade.  Does it really work?  You tell us.  

  • MSN Messenger and Web PIP Changes.  Try it out, what do you think? 

  • Printing Changes.  Do the changes work for you?  We would like to know! 

Get to know all the features of the upgrade. A survey regarding your first impressions will be release near the end of the week.

Browser Version Update

Imagine less site restrictions due to an older browser version! The latest upgrade advertises a more enhance browser which results in less site rejections.  You should now see much less web sites asking you to upgrade your browser to IE 4 or Netscape 4. 

The  browser version is an important feature to test first.  Before we can test other new features, we need to ensure that the correct browser version is advertised.  We test it by surfing.  Remember those web sites that wouldn't let you in?  Go try it now to see if you can get in.  If you can, success!  Otherwise, it might be a bug. 

Here are some web sites that denied users before the upgrade.  Please go to all of these site to make sure they work:  

If you encounter any problems with these web sites, please post to the newsgroup to let everybody know that it's been reported. If you find a site that won't let you in due to our browser version, please let us know through the Problem Report form.

MSN Messenger and Web PIP

Finally! You can now watch TV and chat with your Messenger Buddy at the same time! Before the upgrade, MSN Messenger covered the Web PIP used to watch TV in web world. There are two new function that make it possible to do both:

  1. Web PIP can be moved to all four corners of Web World 
  2. MSN Messenger can be resized to make room for Web PIP 

You may be wondering how use the new functions. Well, figuring it out on your own is part of the test. Is it user friendly? Let us know! If you're having trouble figuring it out, please email me at and I'll help you out.

In addition to using the new function in Web PIP and MSN Messenger, please use all other functions to make sure they work. Test all normal functions and try using the feature differently. The idea is to do both normal and unusual things in order to break it and find bugs.

Please report any issues through the Problem Report Form. If there are any questions or comments, don't hesitate to post in the newsgroup.

Quick List of MSN Messenger Functions:

  • Add/delete addresses
  • Create/delete a buddy
  • Block a user
  • Send/receive an invitation
  • Shrink and Enlarge MSN Messenger 
  • Change Channels + and -
  • Change channel directly (i.e. from ch.5 to ch.30)
  • Move window to all four corners

Printer Change

There's a change in our printing feature. I don't want to tell what it is because we would like to know how customers are going to respond upon discovering the change. Please test all functions of the print feature, including the various print settings.

If you should experience any problems, file a Problem Report. Later in the week, we're requesting feedback about printing through the survey. Please keep a record of your thoughts, feeling and experiences until we release our survey later in the week.

If you need any help or have questions, please post to the newsgroup or contact me at 

That's All Folks! (for this week)

Happy Testing!

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