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Last Updated: 7/6/00 11:00 pm PST

Client 2.5

New Service Trial  (Starts Friday 7/7/00)

There are four components to the service release:

  1. New Centers were added.  Centers are located at the bottom of your Home page.  An example of a Center is WebTV Today, News, Sports, Entertainment, etc.
  2. Format changes were made to the Home page.
  3. Format changes were made to the Mail page.
  4. Low Usage Billing Plan.  (More information later)

As a Previewer, we need you to help us verify that our new features did not break an existing feature as well as ensure that the new feature is working as expected.  I will be posting specific features that I would like you to respond to in the newsgroups.  If you identify an actual bug, please file a problem report.

Post responses to these questions in the newsgroup:

  • Tell me if you like the new Home Page layout.
  • Can you find the Center you are looking for?
  • Is the new navigation drop down menu easy to use?

Below are some specific things I would like you to try.  This information is posted to the newsgroup as well as your home page.  If yo\ u identify an actual bug, please file a problem report.  Thanks!


  1. Go to each Center posted on the Home page, including those in the drop down menu.
  2. And verify that the links from the home page to the specific centers are functional (Does the link take you to the correct page?)
  3. Are the listed features on the centers functional?  (Can you actually use the feature?)
  4. Did anything else in the service malfunction? (For example, some Previewers discovered that if the Remote Mail Password was of a certain length, that they experienced email and pagebuilder problems)

Auto  (New Center)

  1. Try getting a quote on a new car.
  2. Personalize your page for your car.  (My Car tab on the Autos page)
    • Obtain information about your personal car.
    • Get recall history
    • Get car's estimated Blue Book value
    • Reminder when to change your oil or service.
  3. Select "Add a vehicle"

Games  (New Center)

  1. Play, play play!
    • There are a lot of games available for you to use.  Please play as many games as possible.
    • One section we would like you to try is the "Classic Games" module.  Go to these pages and make sure that you can actually play the games.
      • PM pong under Classic arcade games is one of my favorites!  :-)
  2. Contests
    • Play Lucky Surf
      • You will need to register in order to play.
      • LuckySurf.com will not distribute your personal information.
      • LuckySurf.com will email your results to you on the days that you play.

Sports  (Modification of existing center)

  1. Basic test plan is to verify that the links on this center are functioning.  Following are some detailed requests:
  2. Find out whether your favorite team won yesterday's or today's game.
  3. Read about the day's top sports news.
  4. Find out what sporting events are happening that night.
  5. Choose to receive regular updates on you favorite teams.
  6. Answer sports trivia questions.
  7. Communicate with sports personalities and other sports fans.
  8. Participate in fantasy leagues.
  9. Listen to audio Web casts.

Travel  (New Center)

  1. Use the different features offered.
  2. Verify that the links on this center are functioning and that you are able to use the provided features.
  3. Go to "Plan a Trip"
    • Use "Find Flight Schedules and Prices"
    • As well as: "Or use the menus below to find the best fares others are finding on popular routes."
    • Is it clear to you what the difference is between these two features?

Please remember:

To include the kind of box that you are using when you post to the Newsgroup (i.e. LC2, Sprout, etc).

HI everyone,

The IHOP trial has now ended. Thank you so much for all your hard work. With your help, we have successfully released the Remote WebTV Mail features. I have filed a few feature requests as the result of your feedback.

Feature Requests Filed:

  1. Currently, WebTV only allows you to fetch email from one account. Previewers would like to be able to fetch from several mail accounts. They would also like a drop down menu so they can choose which POP account to fetch (Outlook and Outlook Express has this functionality).
  2. Request to be able to fetch mail from mail boxes other than their Inbox i.e. Saved folder.
  3. Request to be able to use a pocket mail device to fetch email i.e. "Sharp TM20 pocketmail device."

In order to wrap up this trial, I would like you all to complete the following short survey. Some of the questions appear to be duplicates, but they pertain specifically to the mail program you are using, so those of you using more than one mail program can provide focused feedback:

IHOP Survey

Thanks! Andrea

Last Updated: 5/17/00 3:35 pm PST

Hello IHOPers!

If you have a computer or a second WebTV unit, this post is for you. If not, don't worry, I'll post something for you soon! Promise!

The IHOP service trial starts tomorrow, so here are some instructions on getting started and things I would like you to test.

This trial will be a short one, which makes it all the more important for us to complete as much testing as possible in the coming week.

Please post all questions, comments and problems to your newsgroup. If you identify a bug, please be sure to note it in your newsgroup and then file a problem report. Lastly, I will be monitoring the newsgroups, so feel free to direct questions, comments, and suggestions to me in the newsgroup.

How to set up Remote WebTV Mail in WebTV:

  1. Go to "Mail".
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Select "Remote mail".
  4. Select "Remote WebTV mail".
  5. Select "Continue".
  6. Follow the instructions listed on the screen and make sure you put a check mark in the box to "Allow remote access".
  7. Be sure to read "Important Tips for your POP 3 Password" below before creating your password.
  8. Don't forget, your POP3 server name for this trial is pop-asg.webtv.net

Completing the set up using your PC:

The instructions for completing the setup on your PC can be found by selecting "Help" at the end of the "Remote WebTV mail" set up screen.


In Mail, go to Help>Detailed instructions> Remote mail>Remote mail Help>Detailed instructions>WebTV mail.

Completing the set up using your other WebTV unit: (Note: At this time, it is unclear if we will officially support POP3 mail from WebTV to WebTV)

  1. Go to "Mail".
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Select "Remote mail".
  4. Select "Other remote mail"
  5. Enter the user name of the account you want to retrieve mail from. (Do not include @webtv.net)
  6. Enter the password you set up on your other WebTV unit.
  7. Enter the POP 3 server name "pop-asg.webtv.net"
  8. Once you have completed the set up on both units, then try the test cases below.

Important Tips for your POP 3 Password:

  • Password must be between 7 and 18 characters in length.
  • Use only alphabetical or numerical characters.
  • The password should NOT be one that you can find in a dictionary.

Things I would like you to try:

  • Send links.
  • Send pictures.
  • Send attachments (video, audio).
  • If you have more than one email program try each of them individually.
  • If you have more than one email program have all of them activated. (Note: to test this, you must select the option to leave mail on the server.)
  • Try subscribing to list servers to see how quickly you get mail in each account.
  • Try flooding your mailbox with mail to test load impact.
  • Leave mail on server.
  • Opt not to leave mail on server.
  • Opt not to leave mail on server.
  • For each scenario, I will want to know if what happened is what you expected.
  • Please be sure to provide error messages and steps to reproduce.

Have fun everyone! I look forward to your feedback! Andrea

Last Updated: 5/05/2k  11:56 am PST

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we are starting a new service trial. The new feature is actually a modification of an existing feature, "Remote Mail".

Currently, users are able to use their WebTV Unit to retrieve mail from another email account, like Hotmail or Outlook. This new feature works in reverse. You will be able to access your WebTV email from a computer or another WebTV account. Pretty neat, huh?

For this service trial, we will only be testing "Remote WebTV Mail" with:

  • Outlook
  • Outlook Express
  • MSN

Please complete this survey (select URL below), so we can determine who is best suited for this particular aspect of the trial.

Remote WebTV Mail Survey




Hello again,

What a long strange (and sometimes painful) trip it has been. I would like to take this time to thank everyone for all of their hard work. Without all of your hard work and dedication we would not be able to do half of the things we do here. Well the 2.5 trial that you all have been working on is winding down. While there are still some things that we would like to improve upon (and I am sure you agree), the time is drawing near to release this to the masses. You should all give yourselves a pat on the back for the great job you have done. Please continue to file PRs, as we are still very interested in what you find. I will be sure to let you know once we are truly ready to release this build.

Thanks again for all your hard work,



Howdy Folks,

By now everyone should have received the most recent client update (build 7151).  There was nothing added to this release that you would/should be able to notice.  We have made some adjustments behind the scenes.  

We have also released a new service build to you.  With this service build you now have the ability to use the Messenger feature to exchange messages with pc users who have MSN Messenger installed on their systems.  I am sure that most (if not all) of you have a friend (or friends) who has a pc.  Try to get your pals to use the Messenger application to send you instant messages.  We realize that by doing this we are sort of "letting the cat out of the bag" regarding this feature.  It has been deemed more important to properly test this feature than to worry about secrecy in this case.  However please do not share any of our other developments with those outside the previewing program.

Please continue to "hammer" on this new feature along with G2, and Windows Media.  With you help we will make this one of the best releases yet.

Thanks for your time,



Thank you for all of your continued hard work. 

In addition to your "pounding" on the Messenger feature, we would like you to hammer on a few more areas.  With your help we are hoping to make this one of the best releases ever.  Starting now we would like you to play or continue to play our ITV offerings as often as possible.  Please report any difficulties that you encounter with the games.  Also our developers would like for you to visit or start visiting sites that feature Real Audio.  Your WebTV terminals should now be capable of utilizing the popular G2 format.  In addition to that we also need you to visit Windows Media Player sites.  Along with the G2 support your WebTV terminal should be capable of supporting this format also.  There are some known issues with the Media Player.  Please visit the new features area for more information on that. 

I know that I do not need to mention this, but in light of some security issues/leaks that we have had to deal with lately I thought that I might as well mention it again.  When you were admitted in to the WebTV Previews Program an NDA (non disclosure agreement) was submitted.  What that basically says is that you will not talk about or discuss any proprietary WebTV information with anyone outside of WebTV Networks Inc. or the Previews program. 

Ok, now back to the happy stuff...  Let's get out there and track down some bugs.

Happy Hunting =)




Welcome to the Yellow Home Page.

We are now in the middle of testing our latest upgrade (Client 2.5).  With this new client you will see the addition of some very exciting features.  For the time being we will be having you focus your attention on our new Messenger feature.  With the Messenger feature you will be able to send and receive "Instant Messages" to and from your friends.  You will also be able to create a "Buddy/Friends List" which will allow you to know which of your friends are currently on line.  The default setting for the Messenger feature will be "ON", so if you do not want the feature active for one of your users you will need to turn it off.  In order to test this feature to it's fullest I am going to ask you to make friends with everyone in the group (which I am sure will not be a problem).  Please feel free to add my to all of your "Buddy Lists."  My email address is mod_1906@webtv.net .  I have discovered that the easiest way to add people to your list is by going to the "Options Panel" and selecting Messenger.  At the bottom of the panel you will see a button labeled "Contact."  Select the "Contact" button and enter the complete email address of the person you would like to add to your list. (i.e. mod_1906@webtv.net). 

I hope that all of you are as excited about this as I am.  Hurry and add me to your list so that we can start sending instant messages...

See you online,