Yellow Group Sept. of 1999

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Last Updated 9/23/99 1:00 PM PST

We are in the middle of testing Hiphop. Thanks for the good testing work, so far! Below is a list of some of the bugs we are working on.

Search off the Home Page
Some Previewers are having problems using Search off the Home Page. The search results with "Publisher Unknown". Time Stamp When Previewers send mail and post to the newsgroup, their message shows a time stamp of PDT rather than a stamp reflecting their time zone.

Weather Forecast
At times, the five day weather forecast shows the wrong days.

TV Listings
The TV Listings do not always load automatically.

Address Book
The Address Book does not always list the addresses completely alphabetically. For some Previewers, what should be the first and last entries are switched.

No Confirmation for Problem Reports
A confirmation is no longer being sent to the Previewer when he/she files a Problem Report.

This is not a complete list but some of the bigger bugs. Thanks for helping use find them! And, as always, please submit a problem report with any problems you encounter.

Cheers! Suzanne

New Features Area


InfoCenters Get Even Better! - WebTV has reorganized the InfoCenters and included a few new InfoCenters in order to make finding information easy. Below are the particular changes.

Around Town - Around Town has been taken out of the Community InfoCenter and is now an InfoCenter of its own. Around Town can be found on the Home Page. The look and feel has changed, so check it out.

Health - This is an exciting new InfoCenter which includes Daily Wellness, Health Topics, MSNBS Health News and a Pharmacy section. Health can be found as an InfoCenter on the Home Page.

Entertainment - Book Section - Now you can search for a particular book in this section. This is similar to the book search under the Shopping InfoCenter.

Entertainment - Music Section - We have added a music link to each featured music CD so you can sample the CD before you purchase it. Take a listen.

Custom Dictionary - WebTV customers have been asking for the ability to add words to the Spellchecker Dictionary in Mail. Now, you can!
To use this feature:
Go to Mail
Select Write
Write a message
Select Spelling on the sidebar If the misspelled word is not in the WebTV dictionary, the user now has the option to add the word Select "remember"

Happy testing! Suzanne