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Last Updated: 10/27/02 4:42 pm PDT

Hello everyone, The second build of the 2.8 trial is on its way. Please accept the build and begin testing.

I've updated the known issues so that we can avoid some duplication of work and so we know how we're doing as the trial progresses.

Please keep testing and looking for issues AND most importanatly, keep filing bugs. I am doing my best to keep with up with guys and I like it that way.


- Dave

Known Issues Area

Updated 10/27/02 4:06 PM PDT

16227These are the general bugs that most will see. There have been many others filed.


  • Links on Web Pages will not work - random bug: Bug Filed There have been many reports that links on a website will suddenly stop working. When you click on a link, it turns green, then back to yellow, but the page does not load. It turns out that a single bug is causing this. If this happens, a power cycle should see the page functionality return.
  • Unable to perform image captures for scrapbook: Bug filed
  • HTML links in mail and newsgroup posts load appended to the message: Bug Filed
  • Numerous issues with [Back]:Bugs Filed There have been reports of [Back] going too far back. This is most likely related to the SSL fix. I have filed individual bugs for the reports.
  • IM Buddy List loads with top four addresses above viewable area: Bug Filed The first time the IM panel is called up each session using the keyboard shortcut the top 4 addresses appear out of the viewable area. This can be fixed by scrolling up.
For more info on the 2.8 upgrade check out the Gold group.
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