Welcome to the MSN TV Beta! Each week we will provide you with short (I promise) list of tasks to perform. The task list servers two purposes:

1. Guide you to the area of the MSN TV service that will be the topic of the following week's survey
2. Introduce you to areas of the MSN TV service that you may otherwise have overlooked.

Do not set-up the unit until you have received the ALL CLEAR email.

In-box contents:

The box you receive will contain:
- Prototype remote control
- Prototype keyboard
- 2 AAA batteries (some may only have 1 AAA battery)
- Telephone line
- Phone line splitter
- Unit stand
- Audio/video cables (one box contains an S-video cable instead of audio/video cables)
- Power supply
- RM4100 unit

Week 1 Tasks:

After receiving the ALL CLEAR email, set up your MSN TV Internet receiver and register for the MSN TV Service. Please note how long it takes to complete the following tasks:

1. Set-up: This is the amount of time between unpacking the unit and having the audio/video connected and working properly.
2. Registration: Do not include the time it takes to complete the forced upgrade. The forced upgrade before registration is a pre-release experience ONLY.

Known Issues:

1. After powering on the unit and going through the first few intrductory screens, you will be force to upgrade. The forced upgrade will occur immediately after you select your connection type and the unit is able to connect successfully. Following the upgrade you will be able to complete registration. FYI - an upgrade over dial-up will take approximately 2 hours. Please keep track of how long the upgrade takes, if possible.

2. The remote will not control the unit until after this initial upgrade.

3. Help pages are not complete.

4. Broadband users with the Microsoft wireless router (802.11b) will need the firmware update to version 1.11 from 1.08 in order to get the initial upgrade.

5. You will be required to enter a valid credit card as part of registration. The hardware and service is free of charge during testing. At the conclusion of testing you will have the opportuity to purchase a unit and convert your account to a paying subscriber.

6. The remote control and keyboard are prototypes.

7. The prototype remote control cannot be programmed to control your TV

Helpful Hints

The Page Resize button on the keyboard will allow you to resize webpages from their TV optimized size to the view that you would see on a PC.

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