Well here it is, the info a lot of you have been wanting to hear about. I know i've said that there would be no more updates to my site but I just could not resist this one. But I can assure you that this will be my last one. I know that MANY people will be pissed about this but ya all know I just had to do it! Sorry! I feel that everyone in webtv land should know about this, they have been waiting for ages for a new unit!

What you will find here is info on the "NEW" MsnTV (model RM4100) unit that is being beta tested. This new unit will have more power, new features, and best of all have high speed capabilities! Please remember that everything you see here is BETA and subject to change, even the unit it's self. Anyway enough of my chatter and on to the good stuff.

New MsnTV - Info Center

New Unit Pics Service Pics HardWare Info
Week 1 Tests Week 2 Tests Week 3 Tests
Reader Support Printer Support Source Code

Question's or comment's about the info you see here?
A new forum has been started by VirusOmega where you can post your questions, comments, and speculation about the new box. This will be a much better place to interact than what I was using before.
No need to sign up, just post and I will try to answer all ?'s

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