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Welcome Xbox Playstation & Nintendo Users


Welcome to my Playstation2/XBOX and now Nintendo tips & tricks site. Here you will find a collection of tutorials, tips & tricks for the PS2, XBOX, and Nintendo that I have found on the net. You'll even find one or two tricks that I discovered my self. Rather than have to look all over the place for different tricks I decided to put everything I found in one place for my convenience and yours.

Basically this site will cover the no solder mod for PS2 V5,V6,&V7, how to make backups of your PSX and PS2 games, how to boot them up, how to install the no solder mod, even how to boot backups "without" a mod. For the XBOX this site will cover how to hack the XBOX without a modchip (softmod), how to burn XBOX games, upgrade the hard drive, and playing online games for FREE. Recently just added is a new Nintendo, XBOX 360 section, and a downloads area for those hard to find files! If you know of anymore tips or tricks that I can add please e-mail me.

This website is not offilated with Microsoft Corp. / Sony. / Nintendo. "Microsoft" "Xbox" "Sony" "Playstation" "Nintendo" and logos are trademarks of the above mentioned.