Here is some miscellaneous week 3 stuff that some of you may find interesting. Thanks to another previewer mole for posting some of this on a forum.

Week 3 Tasks / Survey

Survey #3 will be posted to Beta Place () in the coming days. Task list #3 deals with some of the features of the new MSN TV service. Suggested things to try are:

- Try out Messenger by sending an instant message to a friend with a MSN, MSN TV, WebTV or Hotmail e-mail address.
- Go to Chat and check out a Chat room of your choice.
- If you have a PC at home or at work, send an e-mail with a photo or document attachment to your MSN TV internet receiver.
- Save an e-mail address to the address book.
- If you have a digital camera with a memory card reader, use your MSN TV Internet receiver to upload, view and send a photo to a friend or to your existing PC or MSN TV Internet e-mail account.

As reminder, when completing the survey using your MSN TV Internet receiver you must use either the space bar or Alt+Enter to mark check boxes and radio buttons. There is also a known issue where the survey tool will time-out early. The issue has been escalated to team responsible for the survey tool. In the meantime you may want to sign-out/sign-in to Beta Place just prior to completing the survey.

Please complete Survey #3 by 5 p.m. (pacific) on Wednesday, May 19.

Thanks, MSN TV Beta Team


There have been many requests for additional newsgroups to help control the madness in the Main group. Your calls have been answered.

The following newsgroups will be going live tonight: microsoft.beta.msntv.broadband - This group is for discussing issues specific to broadband.

microsoft.beta.msntv.connectivity - This group is for discussing various issues related to connectivity. These could be dialing problems, connection speed issues, etc... - This group is for discussing the Photos feature. Digital cameras, card readers, sending/receiving/viewing photos...

microsoft.beta.msntv.the_web - This group is for discussing issues related to the compatibility of websites. This could be related to Flash, media player, site layout, functionality, etc...

microsoft.beta.msntv.suggestion_box - This group is for posting and discussing feature ideas, suggested improvements, etc...

microsoft.beta.msntv.off_topic - This is a place to discuss all of the off topic issues that you would like to share. Although this group will not be moderated, you are still expected to be courteous and treat your fellow Beta Testers with respect.

The Main newsgroup is still to be used for all other issues.

Thanks, MSN TV Beta Team


This is an upgrade to the bootrom. The bootrom is mostly used when powering up the unit and when taking upgrades.

What to Expect:
1. Connect to the service via broadband or dial up.
2. Accept the update offer, and let the download complete.
3. The box will download the build, and show a status bar.
4. When the download is complete, the box will automatically reboot twice.
5. Don't pull the power cord or interrupt power during this process, even if you think you are stuck. Just wait until the sign in screen appears. It can take a while.
6. When complete, go to system info to confirm that the bootrom version is now 1.350.

There are two ways to get to system info:
1.)Power off the box using the remote and type 411 or.
2.)From the login page, click help, then system info
**Note: You can not access system info from the home page.

7. Confirm that you can connect to the service as normal

If today's download doesn't complete:
The mechanism for taking today's update is slightly different from previous updates. When you accept the update it will start downloading before you see the box restart. If you are a broadband user, you should not need to revert to phone (if you do, please file a bug). We have made this update optional in case you have trouble taking the download with this new method. If you have trouble, please file a bug or reply to this post. Try to take the download a few times, if it doesn't work, then just decline the update and use the box normally.

Thanks and keep up the great work!!

MSN TV Beta Team

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