WebTV / MsnTV Mini Server / Emu

Welcome! On this page, I'll guide you through connecting your WebTV box or viewer to the internet using the WebTV Mini Server. This emulator, created by the user Zefie in 2021, offers a lightweight server currently in beta phase. It's a fantastic tool that provides ample learning opportunities and lets you rediscover the joys of your old WebTV. With it, you can even set up your own personal server for others to connect to! So, dust off that WebTV, and let's dive in! If you're interested in the original WebTV EMU created by eMac back in 2001, you can find it ~~HERE~~ It's still fully functional!

Current Versions Available:

HackTV Custom Build:

How To Video's

   Get Your WebTV Online Using DreamPi
How To Install The WebTV Custom Build
   How To Conncet To The WebTV Mini Srv.

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WebTV MsnTV Mini Server/Emu by: Zefie