WebTV / MsnTV Server Emulator

UPDATE: New server EMU / Mini Server can be found ~~HERE~~ Information on this page is for the out dated server emu! ******

Welcome, on this page I'm going to provide information on how to connect your WebTV box (or the viewer) to the internet using the WebTV Server EMU. The EMU was created by a user known as eMac back in 2001. Unfortunately it was never used much as back then all the "hackers" were to busy hacking into WebTV's servers using the Viewer and there wasn't much need for a EMU at that time, so it kinda slipped through the cracks. It was only ever released to a handful of people as back then tools like these were kept tight-lipped. It's a great tool, alot can be learned and can allow you to have some fun with your old WebTV once again. You can make your own personal server! So dust off that WebTV and lets get to work!

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How To Install The WebTV Custom Build
   How To Use & Conncet To The WebTV Server EMU

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HackTV - WebTV MsnTV Server Emulator by: eMac