Custom WebTV / Dish Echostar 7100/7200

Welcome, on this page i'm going to provide information on how to customize your WebTV / Dish Echostar 7100/7200 unit. This project first started out as just a way to get the Doom files needed to get Doom working on the WebTV plus since we didn't have the original plus files at the time. After a short time the goal changed and I wanted to simply get everything that was working on the WebTV plus unit to work on the Echostar. That goal was pretty much realized with the exception of MAME as to much work would be needed to get that going on the Echostar. The good news is that everything else works, plus more. I will be providing a complete .img file and a instructional video on how to install this below. The video below will basically show you what this custom build actually does. Info on a custom WebTV Plus build can be found here.

Current versions available

What does the custom build do? Watch below.

Old Build 6969 and 5708 v2
  Newer Build

How to creat a backup of your WebTV Echostar hard drive and how to install the custom build.


Needed Files

Update: Please Read - All previous builds have been discontinued this final build has all the features of 5708v2 and 6969 plus it's compatable with the WebTV EMU/Mini Srv.

Download build Echo EMU
File - WebTV Hacked Dish EchoStar7200 Custom Build Echo EMU

Download WinHex:
WinHex 19.6 Full Version

Download 7zip form: Here


  • WARNING - Please make sure you unplug your WebTV every time you remove or plug your hard drive back in. This is important! I have popped a few fuses on my plus units by forgetting to do this. You can repair it but it's a pain in the ass repairing those mini fuses on the board!

  • If you put the custom image on your drive and your Echostar automatically reupdates it's self back to your original build then you will have to ZERO out your drive with WinHex. Goto Tools - Open Disk, select your WebTV drive. Then goto Edit - Select All - Edit again - Fill Block. Fill with Hex values 00 (Those are ZERO's) and click on OK. When finished reinstall the custom build.

  • I don't have a IDE connection on my PC!! If you have a spare SATA drive sitting around you can use that. You'll need to get a IDE to SATA connector, then you can ZERO out the drive with WinHex (same method as above). Once thats done just use WinHex to write the EchoStar img to the drive (same as install video) and your done. Please note this may not work with all drives.

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