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Version 3.1 is now ready for PC users and now has support for AOL, ICQ and Yahoo! Download the All In One Status Checker below.
YAHOO! Status Checker Version 1.0 is now ready for PC users to download below!
MSN Block Checker is currently: msn

MSN Block Checker is no longer active!

= Online Offline =

MSN Online Checker


Enter any MSN Messenger account e-mail in the field above and press the "Check" button to find out if that person is online or offline. The butterfly image should change to one of the above status icons. If it shows the online icon and you've added the person to your contacts but he or she ISN'T listed as online, you can be sure you're being blocked by him or her!

NOTE:The offline icon doesn't always mean the person is *really* offline. That's because there's is a option in MSN Messenger (Tools > Options > Privacy > My block list) to block anyone that was not added to yet, including this block checker.

NOTE2:This script may not work on MsnTV, was only tested on the 2.8 MsnTV Viewer, which worked. If there are any problems let me know, this should work on MsnTV versions 2.8 and above.

Try the YAHOO! version of the tool above HERE

PC users can download this program! Also supports AOL, ICQ & Yahoo

YAHOO! ONLY V1.0 EXE ScreenShot
MSN + AIM + ICQ + YAHOO! V3.1 EXE ScreenShot

Some users may run into problems that require certain files, such as mscomctl.ocx. In this case I have provided this file for download. Just save it and read the 'ReadMe.txt' file for instructions for installation. mscomctl.zip

Visit the All In One Status Checker forum HERE

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