Meet the Cats!
Meow again! Are you wondering who these cute cats are? Well, they're all real cats, and they all are a part of our online community!

Of course, I own Dudette (she's the one who programmed "Herding Cats") but her original owner and sensei for many years was Valerie. Valerie is now our guardian angel, but we couldn't have a cat game without her.

I have to share Dudette with my adopted sister, Lucy, who is also known as "the thief of toys." My brother, Later, also makes up the household, but we look too much alike to play in the same game.

Puberty lives in New York City, and owns Harry Silver. She has to share Harry with Rush, but I'm sure she's letting Rush know that she's the TV star. Wonder how she got her name?

Muffin is another Southern California kitty. She owns MsMerry, whose handle is "My3Cats." Needless to say, it's one of those shared ownership situations as well...

... and one of Muffin's fellow owners is also named Lucy. Popular name -- five cats so far, and two of them named Lucy. You did notice that I'm the only male amongst all these pretty little kitties, right? Heh heh.

The theme you'll here when you finish a game (win or lose) is a variation of an old folksong, "The Cat Came Back." So appropriate.

"Herding Cats" is based on a popular game mechanism that's sometimes known as "SameGame," but this is an original program especially created for you.