Herding Cats!
Meow there -- I'm Louis! Is "herding cats" impossible? You'll have fun trying!
Meet the Cats!

You're about to play with some of my friends. If a cat is touching another like itself, either horizontally or vertically (like the black cats here), you can herd them off the screen.

The more you can herd in one click, the more points you get (you can herd 2 cats, but you don't get any points). Herd them all, and you'll get a bonus and advance to the next level with your score intact. But let some stray, and you lose points from your score.

If you move your highlight over a cat that can be herded, it will light up. If it's a lone cat, it won't, so you'll have to herd some other cats to get it next to one of its fellows. By the way, these are all real cats from our community of friends -- get as high as level 4, and you'll even see me!

Have fun -- but warning: herding cats is pretty addictive!