Digital Clock – Full Screen

Full screen Digital Clock for Windows By: MattMan v2.1 2020


Helpful Info:
Tray icon allows you to toggle the visibility of the clock. If you use the taskbar icon to minimize the clock then you can use the tray icon to toggle the visibility of the taskbar icon.

This uses IE so if it asks to Allow blocked content then click yes or clock will not work.

The Clock:
– Has a few color options.
– Has a few interesting background image choices.
– Has a night mode.
– Toggle , Clock, Date, Weather on or off.
– Date and weather have a slow fade in and out effect to help with screen burn. Clock has some movement so it should be good. Also added dim effect to to go off every 30min and last for 1min 30sec.

– Should work fine in the USA not sure about other country’s. it’s based off of your IP witch grabs your longitude and latitude so it might not be 100% but through my testing it’s been for me accurate. It should also update every 30 minutes.

Change Log:
v2.1 Fixed Weather icon not updating.
v2.0 Changed weather API from DarkSky to OpenWeatherMap Due to DarkSky selling to Apple 🙁 Fixed small issue with date and weather showing back up after selecting to turn it off.
V1.9 Added a slideshow effect to change the background every 2 hours. Activate/Deactivate by selecting Start/Stop Slideshow from the menu. Added new backgrounds and removed some older ones. Fixed small issue with the weather feature and weather text size (still a work in progress).
v1.8 About / Help area added. Toggle °F and °C by clicking on the temperature. Fixed white box showing up when weather refreshes.
v1.7 Auto Dim and Manual Dim now have seperate functions. New program icon.
v1.6 Screen will dim every 30 min for 1min 30sec
v1.5 Fixed small bug with night mode
v1.4 Fixed stupid weather
v1.3 Bullshit fixes
v1.2 Allows most monitor resolutions. Maxes out at about 2k resolution maybe a little more. Things might look weird after that.
v1.1 First version released to public.
v1.0 Project began Nov. 2017. Used as wall clock in my home.

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