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How To Burn Wii games with CloneCD


Needed Tools:
* Wii
* DVD-R Blank DVD or DVD+R Dual Layered Blank DVD (Depending on game size).
* Burner
* CloneCD Version 5 Or Above

Step 1:

Open up Clone CD, anything above version 5 should work. Simply hit the second button. (Select ISO)

Step 2:

Browse to your .iso file and click next. Make sure to select image as the file type as shown in figure 2.

Step 3:

Set your write speed keep it low! 2x or 2.4x and click ok. Chillax for a bit while CloneCD burns the disk.

Step 4:

Put the game in your Wii and enjoy.

Important Notes:

  • Make sure you burn at 2x 2.4x or close as possible so your game is readable and doesn't skip. This is very important. Memorex DVD-R work great.

    Guide by: MattMan


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