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Installing backups with hdloader



-by spuzz

this is pretty simple folks.. but some of you just dont get it..

1) first boot the hdloader

2) once you get to the main screen, eject the ps2 tray and insert your HIGH TOC ORIGINAL, the ps2 must know you put in this disc,
put it in through the tray. wait 15 seconds for the ps2 to recognize it

3) press the install button (it will stop the disc from spinning), but dont press "continue" or "cancel" just yet!!

4) what you need to do now is insert your backup without the ps2 knowing you did.

if you have a fliptop, just open the lid and put in your backup
if you have a no-solder modchip, eject the tray so the ps2 does not know that you ejected it & put in your backup
if you don't have a modchip, well you're gonna have to cog/knife/slidecard open your tray. for futher info go to the ps2ownz "1:1 swap method" forums & ask

or you could just make things easier on yourself and buy a fliptop lid.. chipzone is a good company, i purchased my swap magic discs & fliptop lid from them. joe is a good honest guy & he ships fast. if you're looking for only the fliptop lid, click here. if you need both the Swap Magic Disc's & Fliptop, just go to their main page @ chipzone.com

5) now that you've got your backup in, press "continue", it will examine the disc for a sec, ask you to give it a name & then install..
i've noticed that sometimes it will say the disc is invalid.. try the whole process over again.. but  give the game a different name & try to reinstall.. you can rename it after it is done installing.. some games just wont install though.. :(

6) thats its.

7) oh one more thing, after you boot up hdloader like normal (not installing) the cd will keep spinning, and there is no need for it. its just wastes your dvd-rom motor. before you start a game press "install", then "cancel" it will stop the disc from spinning and save your dvd-rom motor.

mode's & other stuff

not all games work with the hdloader by default (even if they install), you may need to change some modes (highlight game & press select)
to get them to work. here's a few links to sites with compatibilty & mode settings:

hdloader compatibility site
ps2nfo compatibility site
nimrah compatibility site


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