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Nintendo GC Hacks

  Nintando GC Softmod Backing up / playing games without physical modification.

How to backup games w/o Max Drive, P.S.O., or modchip.

Yep thats right,
You don’t need to find a discontinued Action Replay Max Drive, Phantasy Star Online, or a modchip listed in other guides for this! Once setup, it takes about less than a minute to do whatever you want, load DVD-R copies, backup, whatever your pirate heart desires.

Basically you will beable to do whats displayed in this video but without using the Max Drive. ~~View Video Here~~

But as always you do need a few things…

1) Gamecube SD Adapter (between 10 - $30 US depending on where you find it or can be made… (design plans here)

2) An SD Memory Card (32MB is what I’m using).
NOTE: You will be required to plug this into your computer, so you will need a cardreader of some sort.

3) A Gamecube BROADBAND ADAPTER (not a modem) for ripping the games.

4) Basic Action Replay for Gamecube. (Memory card included perfered).

5) A computer and knowledge on how to use or create a network (I will not cover that in much detail. I will assume you know most of what to do).

Now you need some software.
1) SDLoad - Get it from TURDinc Downloads
2) Gamecube OS - Get it from TURDinc Downloads (look for GcOS 1.5)

If you got all of that lets begin.

1) Insert the SD memory card into your computer
2) Determine its drive letter (G, H, I, P, etc)
3) Extract SDLoad.zip into C:\SDLoad (making it easy on yourself)
4) Open a DOS terminal, type the following
Format SDdriveLetterHere: (it will delete all data on the card, make sure you backup what you need to)
CD \
CD sdload
sdpatch SDdriveLetterHere:
5) The program should patch the memory card. If it fails to, please consult the end of this document for another solution.

Copy SDLOADER.BIN & SDIPDATA.CFG & testdemo.dol to the SD Card.
Eject, insert into the Gamecube adapter, and put it into SLOT-A

Open the INSTALL.txt from the SDLoad directory, and setup the Action replay as asked. Make sure your code is correct at every line.
Enable the SDLOAD code, start the game after enabling the cheat code (leaving the action replay disk inside).
A similar screen should load.

If the SDLoad menu does not loadup, reverify the action replay code. If it still does not load, try google.

If it loaded, then the hard part is done.
As I do not know your network, nor can I walk you through it, as every network has different needs, I’ll leave you to finish, with some hints
1) You’ll need to put GcOS 1.5 (PSO).dol from the GamecubeOS onto your SDCard.
2) you will need to edit SDIPDATA.CFG, (ON/OFF PCIP PCPORT GCIP GCPORT) Usually it is unnecessary to change ports, but the gamecube IP must end with 254 (, etc). A Reload is required.
3) Once you boot up GCoS, you’ll need to update the IP settings within it to match what you put into SDIPDATA.CFG.

It should be self explanitory once you have it loaded, to play your games and make backups. (GCoS does it all).


Burning Games

The best media to use is Ritek g04 mini-dvd-r disks. The backups always boot where cheap generic disks will give you nothing but trouble.

If you downloaded the image, (Bittorent or somesuch) it could be corrupt or not a full sized GC game. If you don't know already, all GC games are exactly 1,459,978,240 bytes Any less than that and the image had the junk data ripped from it. There is a prog called wiped_gcm_fixer_v1.5f-loonycube that will add back the junk data and realign it so it's back to a normal image.

Use the following commandline: FSTFIX.EXE (IMAGE_FILENAME) F

Burn the image with your favorite burning software.